Anyone using Roon and Room Correction with DS DAC and Bridge II?

Having received a UMIK-1 calibration microphone from Amazon today, I’ve fiddled around all day with the Room Equalization Wizard (REW). I tweaked a number of parameters, uploaded a profile onto Roon’s Convolution tab within their DSP page and play it back through the PS Audio DSD Sr via Bridge II. I’m generally not too computer savvy, but after a lot of trial and error (mic calibration issues, distortion issues, etc), I really like the results. Has anyone else here run the REW room correction through a DSD Sr/Jr. What is your experience? What settings did you use?


Thanks for posting this, I am about to have to try this as well

Yes I’ve used it and it works very well. Sometimes too well in fact, you can tweak it to the point where you have a perfectly flat response that sounds dull and lifeless. In my experience, less is more. Solve as many room response problems first in the analog domain (speaker positioning, sub/pre-amp EQ) then use convolution filters to clean up the remaining problems. Use gentle filters that preferably reduce room peaks rather than trying to boost room nulls. Measure with the UMIK-1 to get things close, then trust your ears to dial-in your final preferences.

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Great to hear from you, rnktay1994! Excellent information.

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