Room correction options with bridge/PWD


I’m trying to decide how I should do room correction on my system. I would love to do it in the digital domain, but using the bridge/PWD I guess makes that current;y not possible. I’ve read about some plug in for server apps on the mac or PC that allow correction, but that would mean not using the bridge. I’ve read the Squeeze server software can use Inguz plug in, but I don’t think that is compatible with the bridge - please correct me if I’m wrong. Will Virtual Sound Card options when available make this possible to use with the bridge?

My other option (and way more expensive) would be to bi-amp (using a pair of the new amps Paul is designing) then take the second balanced output of my preamp (or if using the PWD with no pre - use the balanced and unbalanced out simultaneously) and insert a dedicated room correction device that takes the analog signal digitizes, corrects then back to analog just for the bass amp. I would never want to do this A/D/A route for the main signal, but from 250 hz on down, I imagine the benefits far outway the negatives (drying out the sound due to the additional A/D/A)

I was looking at the Anti Node 2.0 which is at a fantastic price point, but that system in only 44.1 or 48K I believe, and much of what I play is hi res.

There are plenty of other room correction systems (dexQ HDP-3 is interesting at about $2K and is 24/96).

Obviously the hardware route lets me correct my turntable as well, but at a much higher cost.

Any thoughts?


JRiver Media Center has I think the ability to use a DSP plugin, and I thought foobar did as well. Both of those can work right now with the PWD. If the Wavestream virtual interface works, you could use Logitech Media Server to serve tunes to the PWD. If we can do this then Inguz is the slam dunk choice.