Anyone watching "Sharp Objects" on HBO?

Serious SimAudio set-up that gets shown and heard in every episode. Never show the speakers for some reason…

so funny…I was just thinking the same thing. No speakers!!!

Yeah, I noticed the fancy setup.

The show is good, but it has pacing problems. Often it drags along just too much.

I watch. The show is OK, not great IMO.

The director is French-Canadian. Sim Audio is based in Montreal. Must be a connection there. They are probably friends.

Agreed, definitely not must see tv, but nice to see an audio system as one of the “stars” of the show…

Needs a P-20 or 2!

I’ve been wondering if anyone has written up a playlist from that show (which does drag, when it’s not being dark and utterly depressing.)

Hmmm, I’ll have to look around on the web…

Watched the 1st episode last night. I noticed the gear too…VPI table!

Last night in one of the flashback scenes they showed Alan dancing with his daughter and an older system was shown. Pretty cool attention to detail. Director mus be an audiophile. Lingered long enough on turntable to show Linn Sondek logo, must have been a 3-5 second shot. I couldn’t tell what amplification he was using. Looked like an integrated or receiver to me.

Show itself is just OK though.

P.S. I know they use Sim Audio/VPI in the series. I was talking about the equipment shown in a flashback last night. If you didn’t see that episode you will have no idea what I’m talking about.

Link to system
Would like to learn more about the vintage system in the flashback scene from a few episodes back…

Show is draaaaging, getting hard to watch…get to it already!

It seemed to me there were multiple flash backs from different times and in one (before the one with the receiver-like unit and Linn LP 12) I thought I saw a tube amp, possibly an old MacIntosh.

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Apparently, it’s not been renewed for a 2nd season.

Was only supposed to be an eight part mini-series.

My understanding is the book is so short no one can believe they actually got almost 8 hours of run time from it.

Just to be the voice of (un)reason … I find it telling that it says … “According to director Jean-Marc Vallée, Alan is using “the ultimate audiophile system on the market,” ”. Yes, it’s a very nice system, but, I’m sure most audiophiles can come up with what they consider a better “ultimate” system. There are some wonderful single components that cost as much or more than that whole system.

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Agreed, not endorsing this system, I do not own any simaudio components, just thought it was cool to have an audio system featured in a tv show.

This would be on my short list…can be yours for around $800k give or take

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Vallee is acquainted with the principals of Simaudio and is really into music. They live near each other in/around Montreal. That’s why he went to them with the idea of Alan having a high-end system.

To state it is “the ultimate audiophile system on the market” is, of course, preposterous. There are components from a number of manufacturers that sound better. Compared to what characters usually listen to in TV/Movies though this is a huge step up.

I’m sure someone got to keep the equipment at the end of the series. I’m guessing Vallee or Amy Adams who is also really into music.

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