Anyone with experience with Modwright?

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Considering a KWH 225i amp. I like the hybrid concept. I have a little bit of edge on my new system and wondering if this would be a great amp choice. Anyone own one or one similar?

Comparison with Mac and Pass?

Thank for any input!

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I don’t have any experience with their own products, but over the years my brother and I have both had DACs from other manufacturers that Modwright had, well, modded, and we were both very happy with them.

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It’s gotten great reviews and Dan, who started out as a professional modder year ago, builds quality products.


I accidentally saw a picture of a Modwright preamp.

Doesn’t a toroidal transformer radiate in axial direction (here into the cirquit)?

A friend who has an all-MW setup said

Over the past 5 years, I have purchased a number of ModWright product that have proven to be excellent and a good value. The ones I have are the:

KWA 150SE amp ( ,
the LS300 pre-amp (,
and the PH 9.0X ( (

NOS tubes in the pre-amp and phono stage greatly enhance the sound. The overall sound of the tube front end with the solid state amp. Is balanced, detailed, and has an excellent sound stage.


Toroidal transformers are generally very good at containing magnetic fields in the ferrite torus as shown below: