Help with DSD file download playback

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me. I bought and downloaded the Eric Bibb album over the weekend.

Now that I have it on my Mac Mini, I am not able to play it. Are there some instructions on what needs to be done in order to listen to the files?

I am using a MacMini and iTunes with Bit Perfect and their DSD add-in. I have a PS Audio DSD DAC that is hooked up to the Mac Mini with the USB port. I am not sure if there is some limitation in iTunes or there is some other challenge with DSD playback. I followed Paul’s instructions on setting up a music server with Mac Mini and DSD DAC.

I can see the files on my hard drive. I just can seem to play them. Any help would be appreciated!

Did you use the BitPerfect DSD app to first convert the DSD files to the BitPerfect hybrid files? You also have to tell BitPerfect in the preferences setting that the Direct Stream can handle DSD files.

stevem2 - Thanks for the quick response. This is my first attempt at DSD playback (I just got the DSD DAC last week).

I did not use BitPerfect DSD app to convert DSD files to BitPerfect hybrid files. I am not sure how to do this. Is that an easy process that you can guide me through or are there instructions somewhere on-line?

I have set up BitPerfect in preferences to handle DSD files.

I just found the DSD hybrid conversion information…thanks!

Looks like the DSD hybrid conversion information does not have specific instructions on how to do this function.

Still need help, if anyone has specific information/instructions on how to do conversion.



I have managed to convert files to hybrid format but can’t seem to play them in iTunes.

They are in my music folder but iTunes does not seem to recognize them…argh!

Any help would be appreciated.

You might try re-importing them into iTunes (File/Add to Library). If that doesn’t work you might contact the BitPerfect folks.

If you converted DSD files using DSD master, they will not play in iTunes. iTunes cannot recognize and play DSD files. You need an external DAC, like DirectStream or our NuWave DSD connected to do that. What DSD master does is to basically turn the DSD file into DoP (DSD over PCM) and place the whole thing in a container acceptable to iTunes - but not iTunes as a player, iTunes as a music management system. iTunes thinks it’s ok to play. As soon as you select it, Bit Perfect grabs the sound and sends it to an external DAC. If that DAC is capable of DSD play, and you have gone into Bit Perfect settings and told Bit Perfect the connected DAC is DSD capable, then the DAC will play.

Paul, he is trying to play to a Direct Stream. Also, I believe the hybrid files combine DSD/DoP with 176/24 PCM so they can play to non-DSD DACs as well (BitPerfect has to be told whether the DAC supports DSD, but he said he has done that).