Apple Music as AUX in Stereo Amp: Proposals

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What would be your recommendation for equipment handling my Apple Music subscription and fed into an old JVC stereo amplifier?

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If I understand your question you’re looking for a streamer which can be a stand alone unit or a DAC with a streamer or simply your computer with a DAC outputted to your receiver. For that receiver I’d just use my computer or iPhone and a cheap usb DAC.

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Welcome! I agree with Aiki, considering this older amp, I think sticking with a phone or computer will be just fine. If you wanted to step up though, I think a Bluesound Node would be a reasonable upgrade. Would work flawlessly with your Apple music and using it’s DAC would be better than your phone or computer.

Thank you @jamesh, especially for this Bluesound Node it is indeed under my consideration. If you can actually help me with the setup - how does iPhone or Apple Music work with Bluesound Node - is it a iIPhone->Bluetooth connection to Bluesound Node->Stereo Amplifier?
Or does Bluesound Node connect to my Apple Music library directly (through own application) and then work as an indipendent unit of my amplifier?
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Good question. Bluesound made it extremely easy by supporting Airplay. You’d be able to use Apple music and within that app, the Bluesound would show up as an output device.

Sonos will do it as well. You can probably find a used Connect on Craigslist or eBay for a steal since they have “obsoleted” them. I have one and it still works just fine.

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I have a question. With Apple music, when I want to add music to my Ipod I can see my listed music as an artist or a album title. But not both like the old menu. WTF did Apple do this? It’s stupid. Is there anything I can do to correct this?

And if not, what other program will replace itunes ( Apple music now ) and work with Roon?

Depends what the application is. If you’re downloading music to your iPod, iTunes and Spotify are probably your only option.

I think a Sonos Port would be your best bet because you can use either the Sonos application with Apple Music set up as a streaming option or you can use Airplay 2 with it.

Let me explain my use and set up. I don’t use wireless or bluetooth for music playback. Ipad bluetooth only as a remote only. All music burned from CD’s to SSD. Mac Mini, with external power supply. Matrix audio S-DIF 2 USB to I2S to PSA DS DAC.

I simply hate the limited menu options when adding music from mini to Ipod. SO was looking for something to replace Apply music or if at all possible use app to get these menu options back?

Oh boy, I’m really not too sure. It seems that Apple has kind of bailed on the idea of any iPod support. I think you’re in a good spot if you can even still load music on to them. I doubt there’s any other software out there that will support an iPod. Looking at something like a new potable player might be your best bet. Something like the fiio M11 would be great. Usually gets great reviews from what I’ve seen.

Is there a way to replace apple music with older itunes file?

The way I understand it is that Apple music is still able to support older iTunes files.

I used CopyTrans Manager years ago and it works fine.