Shortest path for Apple Music via network to Direcstream Jr? * POST EDITED

OK, I called and went trough every forum i could find that deals with this topic and as off now the only logical conclusion is that Apple Music sucks for this sort of playback.

Maybe you could rephrase your question (supply a few more details)?

Might get some helpful responses…

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Thank you @scotte1
I am giving up on the issue (for now) and just accept that Apple Music is not very good for playing on a Network for HiFi playback. I am paying for 2 music services (Qobuz and Apple) and was trying to get out of that.

Wanting to trim down to just one and still being able to play music comfortably through my phone or tablet. The obvious choice to me was to keep Apple because family already plays with this and knows and uses Apple cloud, Apple TV and whatnot. Figured I could accept that easily and move on; that is, until I actually tried to move through the Apple ecosystem to play with my DS Jr. Too many workarounds to be honest.

Even if trying to use something like a Sonos port to feed digital out to my DS Jr, SQ tops out at 16/44 and I would end up adding another device to my system, something I don’t want. Doesn’t make much sense having $4000 DAC and being cheap on music streaming at the same time.

I can only assume I am not the only one in these forums that has more than 1 music subscription service.


FWIW, I use JRiver Media Center to “stream” my files and Roon (with Qobuz and Tidal) to play files AND Qobuz/Tidal offerings.

Good luck.

I don’t think $10.83 a month is out of line to make use of your $4000 investment.

It’s not.
Its more of an OCD thing than a money thing. Feels weird having everything on Qobuz and a few singles or soundtracks on Apple Music.

I keep the $9.99 version of Tidal around just for those odd independent labels that might not have contracts with Qobuz yet. I’ve had them both for so long that I don’t even think about it anymore plus the cost for both of them in todays market is the same as the cost of just one of them six years ago when I first got the second one.

iPad>lighting to usb adaptor>usb-A to usb-B cable>Directstream USB input. I’m using an Audioquest coffee cable and the Directstream plays all high Rez Apple Music files beautifully. Hope this helps

If you don’t want to direct-attach an iOS/Mac device this will work as an AirPlay node. And you can’t beat the price. Same with previous Gen Apple TVs that have TOSLINK.

I’d take it off his hands if it didn’t feel greedy since I don’t have an immediate need. I’ve been picking up discontinued AirPort gear off Shop Goodwill rather than upgrade to mesh WiFi. When I bought the house I ran Ethernet to all floors so mesh offers me zero benefits.