AirLens vs. BlueSound Node vs. MiiM for Spotify and AppleTV integration into a 2 Channel (Traditional) System

Gear: Ayre 2-channel components, PSA DS DAC (MkII), Roon NUC server, PSA P20.

Setup: One room. Mesh hub > Ethernet to Roon NUC > USB to PSA DAC > XLR to Preamp.
I also have an Apple TV, 4K TV, and a Mac in the same room. Currently I use a Sonos ARC soundbar and sub for movies and Spotify and Apple Music.

Goals: (1) Integrate Apple TV into the system (including playing Apple Music via Apple TV), with a minimum of new devices / connections / cables / power, and (2) Stream to my PSA DAC.

Considerations: Sound compromise on movies is fine. I’d like to be able to use the Apple TV to “cheat” Apple Music into my system (to go through the PSA DAC). I understand that the PSA AirLens will not play directly with Apple Music and Apple Music will not play directly with Roon.


  • I would like all the signals to go through the PSA DAC if possible.
  • What are the components and connections for best sound under the following scenarios?
  • Sale prices are Black Friday prices so will disappear fast.
  • I’d like to limit switching between platforms and apps. Right now, I am limited to using Roon (with Qobuz) on my system, but want Spotify for discovery and for gaps in collections not on Qobuz (and for Spotify HiFi … which has been just around the corner for years!).

- BlueSound Node
Could steam Apple Music and my Apple TV via AirPlay 2. Are direct connections possible?
Would like to bypass the BNS DAC and use my PSA DAC (the unit includes paying for a DAC not going to use). ($450 on sale).

- WiiM Pro Plus

  • Same as above. ($175 on sale).

- AirLens

  • Does not support AirPlay 2. There’s another thread on using my Oppo as a switch, but it’s never worked for me to get the sound into my 2 channel system. I assume the AirLens won’t change my ability to get sound from the AppleTV box to the DAC. ($1600 on sale).
  • I have read up on the “last mile” sonic benefits of the AirLens for streaming. This option would leave me with my Sonos ARC Sound Bar + SUB for both movies and Apple Music (this was supposed to be temporary but is what I will live with if I get an AirLens). However, it’s not clear to me if I am going to get a huge audible benefit from adding the AirLens into my chain with the Roon NUC server. It would give me I2S into the PSA DAC, and the isolation, but - again - is it worth the price of admission without the plus of AirPlay 2 that would serve a lot of utility for me.

Unless I misunderstand your set-up, I think the simplest solution is to add an Toslink connection between your TV and the DAC. Only downside is that your TV will have to be on when playing music through your Apple TV. Looking forward to hearing others’ ideas. And good luck!