Apple Music - Direct into Directstream DAC w/perfectwave bridge II?

When I got a new phone on Verizon, they have given me a free subscription to Apple Music. I know this I not hi-res, and will not replace other sources, but is there a way to play Apple Music from my iPhone or iPad into the Directstream DAC? I figure Apple Music might be a good way to preview music to see if it is worth buying.

Right now, I only use the directstream as a DAC from a transport or a Naim hard drive/app, using coax digital input. I have the bridge II, but have never run anything into it.

From what I can tell, I could do this using a PC/Mac and eithernet through the bridge, but I want to avoid using a PC.

Any advice to if and how can I connect the iPad/iPhone?

Thanks, Bill

You can connect iPhone or iPad into the USB input on the DAC. If it’s just for Apple Music (lossy) don’t worry about fancy cables etc. You just need the right adaptor and a cheap standard USB cable. For your iPhone, and for iPads with Lightning connectors, this is what you want:

If you have an iPad with USB-C, you can get away with a direct USB-C to USB-B cable. Or you could use one of these if you want the ability to charge the iPad while it’s playing music:

Any kind of bridge that supports AirPlay 2 will work. The new Sonos Port does it best-it lets you have your AppleMusic account as part of the Sonos app. I think they’re the only company that has that option. But you’ll pay dearly for it.

You could also do it with an AirPort Express, which, while discontinued, can easily be found used on Craigslist or eBay. That’s your cheapest bet. Look for the AirPort Express that looks like a white AppleTV. Model A1392.

That mini Toslink will feed right into the back of your DAC. You can get one of these for under $100

For example:

Theoretically, you could do it too with an Amazon Echo Link, but I THINK you would be solely dependent on voice control for that, and frankly, that’s a substandard solution.

And even CHEAPER, but less plug and play, Raspberry Pi running Ropieee plus offers Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility. But that requires a little more effort and is something that takes a little more explanation.


I wouldn’t guarantee that you could hook up the phone or iPad direct with their “camera kit.” I’ve heard of some folks have luck but not often. In order for it to share the data, it needs to be apple certified. The old Apple TV is a great option and is what I did for ears as a make shift server/streamer.


Oops. Yeah. An older AppleTV will work too. It has to be the shorter one though, the new ones don’t have a Toslink output; they’re HDMI only.

I think I have one of these in my “cables/adapters” box. I’ll dig around and give this a try- certainly the cheapest options. I agree with jamesh comment below, as I think I had trouble doing some photo stuff because the source was not apple certified.

I can assure you, the “camera kit” is simply a USB hub (with a single downstream port) and for the purpose of audio output iOS will happily talk with any USB Audio Class compliant device you connect to it. The biggest limitation is power, but since the DS DAC is self-powered that’s not a problem in this instance. There’s no other Apple certification that’s relevant here.

Does Apple Music stream ALAC at all?

have tested my old iPad + Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter to DSDAC play ok. Airplay show PSA

No. Only AAC.


I will happily take this as a correction. I was always under the impression that in order for the iPhone to properly communicate the data, it needed to be certified. I’m more than happy to be wrong though :slightly_smiling_face:

Given that I misunderstood “direct connection” for wanting to stream over the network, I gave some different options.

The Camera Kit should work-I tested it before with the Sprout, and I can’t imagine it wouldn’t on better equipment; you can look for my posts if you like. But it doesn’t work as well as the “Lightning to USB 3 Adapter”. In using just the “Lightning to Camera Adapter” with my Audioquest Dragonfly Red, it gave some pops in the audio. When I contacted them, they said:

“Unfortunately, this is the problem and Apple is aware of the issue. The new Lightning to USB3 Adapter will solve the problem. You can purchase it here:”

Plus the USB 3 model lets you charge and play at the same time.

As always with anything involving digital audio, YMMV.

Best and good luck,
Mike in Dayton

Thank you :pray:

Ok. Hooked up the iPad (also iPhone) using the Apple brand camera adapter to the usb input. The iPad air ply showed the PS direct stream

And the DAC showed usb input data

But no sound through preamp/amp/speakers. Changed over to coax input with transport, and music plays. Unplug the iPad adapter, and music plays on the iPad.

Hmmmmm. Any thoughts? Am I missing a setting in the DAC or iPad?

There won’t be anything you need to change on the DAC end. I hope this isn’t a case of what I was saying before. I wouldn’t promise that it works.

Jamesh- what do you think about what umiami91 posted- that I need the latest and greatest Apple lightening to usb 3 adapter?

Terrance- see my other comments- even though airplay shows the PSA, no music. Did you actually get music through your DAC with the AirPlay photo you showed?

Yeah, Mike could certainly be onto something there. I’ve never tried it so I don’t want to say for sure though. Sorry about that.

Yes. It plays via DSDAC without problem on my system. I do not do anything to set it up, just connect the adapter, usb cable, play Apple Music app that it. Only my DSDAC has variable volume, and you have fixed volume.

I bought my Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter on January 2019.
I have old iPad gen5 with iPadOS 14.2
DSDAC has firmware “Windom”

FYI, From your DSDAC capture, it shows 44.1 / 24, this is what I saw on my DAC when play music with Apple Music apps. To get the actual 44.1 / 16, I use Sony music center apps.