Apple Music classical update

Well they just bought Primephonic. They’ve not really done anything special. At least they kept on the Primephonic staff (evidently) and set them on the task of making it Apple friendly. I’m a bit sad that Primephonic is gone (because they were the only independent classical specialists) but I am glad that it’s reappeared under the new owners.

Album exclusives always frustrate me and Apple Classical is playing the game with a few albums. Not the end of the world.

I’m hoping the app/service pulls people into the genre and provides information about composers, instruments, eras.

As others have remarked, Android and iPad apps are on the way but I would like to see Apple TV, Mac OS and Windows apps but I think that’s a tall order this early in the timeline.


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Not true! Idagio! Still there. Love it.


Ouch! That one hurts…