Apple Store - FOR Audio... is it possible? How could it work? Should industry get behind it?

In light of PS Audio going direct and some of the reasoning behind it, including dealer weakness and lack of support, etc… my thought is that if more go direct, the audiophile industry may start to get even more niche and foreign to younger ppl, not exposed to good audio. One may think of how Apple Store, clean layout, bright, cool and modern contributed massively to Apple’s success, so WHY NOT a similar concept for Audiophile products?

I know Apple is ONE BRAND, and I am just brainstorming, BUT could it be possible for a few companies to create a joint venture, some store concept, hire someone with good retail experience and look into creating some unique retail experience for audio. Could include demo rooms, headphone room, display of products, technical explanations, in a more laid back, cool and modern way (NOT CES, Axpona way)… to basically PROMOTE high-end audio? I seriously think it’s desperately needed, once a younger person hears a great headphone, they can’t really go back and their eyes open up to possibilities of good sound.

What are people’s thoughts on this? One major challenge would be the brand aspect, and maybe only a larger company who owns multiple brands and lines of products could pull something like this off… but to me, it’s a necessity.

My personal opinion is one of the problems is the assumption that young people aren’t exposed to good audio. They are just exposed to music in a form that is new and different.

Heck I have heard “Audiophile” systems that aren’t good. Apple, Spotify, etc. target people who like/love music, not gear like Audiophiles. The idea spending 10K, 20K, 30K, 100K+ to listen to a song/music just doesn’t appeal to a lot of people.


The Apple store works because they are selling ubiquitous products: cell phones and computers.

Well, THAT is your problem! Young ppl should NOT be spending 10K-100K on a system to be called “audiophile”, heck, me as 38yr old shouldn’t and my system is like 5-6K.

Young ppl aren’t exposed to good audio reproduction, period. They think crappy Beats headphones are good sounding, and compressed music is fine, etc…

What we should do is to expose them to GOOD yet affordable audiophile equipment, being Sprout, Audioquest dragonfly DACs, Focal headphones, etc… one way is to NOT play Jazz, old school music on our demos and they maybe more interested!

True, yet most cost over $1K! Heck, you can option a Macbook pro to be $5K+, Mac Pro at $10K+

What I am saying, that type of store will attract younger ppl, NOT typical dealer. Maybe a RACK of all sorts of headphone ppl can hookup their devices to, and listen! I had that in Japan and LOVED IT! Here it’s very very rare to find!

You can say that is my problem but in reality as long as you keep these views this hobby will continue to be few and far between. Give me a person who loves to listen to music on any and all forms (Beats, iTunes, Spotify, cell phone headphone) and I can introduce them to gear that can make the music they love to listen to better. Trying to say one should not play Jazz, old school music, etc. is just plain stupid. If one likes that form of music why should they listen to something else. For example I love Jazz and have no interest in Classical. There is no way I would ever listen to Classical when I am going to demo a system. Again one should listen to what they like.

Regarding you spending 5-6K on your system is great but I know people who think you are nuts to spend that much.

THIS is the attitude of snubs of audiophile industry who has turned young ppl away. If you wanna attract them, PLAY THEIR MUSIC! I literally saw younger ppl walk out of Axpona rooms when they asked the guy to play something more current and they guy refused!

Also, YOU and ME could listen to whatever we like, what I means is DEMOS, dealers, retailers should PLAY appropriate music for the audience, if wanna attract younger ppl, PLAY younger music!

Agree completely. I’m taking a break from shows because the music is so predictable and stale.

OK sorry I thought you were saying don’t play their music. Me and you agree.

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