Are dedicated lines enough?

I have a P10 and a P15. I have a transformer about one hundred feet from my house, and live in a sparsely housed neighborhood a bit away from a small town and across the street from a state wildlife preserve (a big forest).

I get between 1.5 and 2 (usually closest to 1.5 or 1.5) distortion in and .1 out. Round the clock, day after day, little to no change. It’s a great thing. Still–the sound is better with all my components plugged into the regenerators. Amps included–though my amps are low-powered with heavy duty power supplies including tube voltage regulation for input tubes and output tubes.

I guess that’s unsurprising. Anecdote after anecdote swings strongly in favor of a PowerPlant making things better. I guess just for the sake of seeing what it can do, I should drag the P15 out and feed the amps with it - with my Shunyatas. If it makes it sound even better, I guess that’ll settle it.

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My current amp overpowers the P20 and no I am not getting a second one.

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Yes, the amp goes direct to the wall in one outlet.
I have a Mojo “power strip” that all my other components get plugged into and then to the other outlet.

oh, c’mon


If you feel strongly enough I am willing to accept one as a gift.

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Out of curiosity, did you try the amps to the wall with the extension cords?

I got 2.2% THD on the busiest summer day, and normally it is under 2%. I am not sure it is worthwhile to get a dedicated line in my case. A P15 works great, and my M1200 amps are so efficient I don’t need a P20 either. The best part is I can pick up my amp by one hand :muscle:


silver or black?

Black, like my men.


I think I have a can of black Krylon somewhere. Let me get back to you.

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My P20 us Silver! Silver works swell!

No. Black it is. Like this unusual spot on my leg.

One day in the future, the black spot speaks:

“It all started out as a wart on my bottom”


Yeah, I figured it wasn’t worth mentioning. Sounded about like it did with the amps going directly into the wall with their own cables. Wasn’t impressed one way or another.


Okay, my initial reporting after further listening. Usual disclaimers (in my system, YMMV, these are really small differences relative to the language used, etc). I liked, from most to least:

  1. Amps fed with Shunyata cables directly into their dedicated outlets
  2. Amps running through crappy cables long enough to get me back to my P20
  3. Amps fed with Shunyata cables into my P15 called back from retirement for this test :astonished:

The order surprised me. I expected the P15 configuration to be at least as good as #2, if not better, but it was a shade less dynamic. Really surprising. Could it be that my P15 had been boxed up for the last year? Maybe, but I let it cook for 24 hours before using it. I could try it again after keeping it in service a while longer. Running directly into the wall with the Shunyatas gave me a hair more spatial realism, for lack of a better term. In the grand scheme of things the changes are not “component level”, but they tell me enough to feel that if I get the right power cords for my monoblocks (the Shunyatas are good, but not quite right for me with these amps), I should be alright running directly into my dedicated outlets.

My formal apologies to my dedicated electrical subsystem! :smile:


Remember you have to spend $268 on a fuse for all PS Audio Power Regenerators. It is not optional.


Ha! Ha!

Hey, at this point all I’d like to find is a good 5 cent cigar! I mean, sub $1000 cable for my amps. :smile: I said sub $1000, Al, not sub $10,000! :rofl:


Take a look at these Tony

Al made a particularly good point. At minimum, a Purple but a M1 fuse is more appropriate for any PSA generator. That is easily a thousand-dollar upgrade for a lot less :grin:

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