Are my amps up to the "could be new speakers"

Here in the UK, we have a speaker designer/manufacturer called Jes Kerr, who has designed some fantastic speakesr this past couple years (since 2018/19) The speakers will only have been sold in the UK tho, and was wondering if my new M700’s will be enough to drive them properly. They are a TL floor stand model (K320)

Your M700s have more than enough power to drive those 90db. efficiency speakers. As to whether the m700s are a good partner sound wise, that has to be decided by listening.


I am hoping he will do a home demo for me (he said he might if I lived not to far away, and have offered to pay the fuel) so will see if they are as good as many UK people have said. I adore TL designs, PMC are the only other firm over here that specializes in them