New Speakers

Over the last 4/5 years, I have kind of fallen in love with a brand from Finland, Amphion. I started with the Argon 1’s, then saw a dealer selling a pair of Walnut 3LS, so snapped them up without hearing them. Now am getting a new pair of the 7LS speakers tomorrow, they will prob be my endgame ones, as space does not allow the Kryptons, plus they are not in my budget. And want to get new amps to replace my M700’s, which will prob be M1200’s


Pictures please!

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I will put a couple up when they get here in 24 hours time (speakers anyway)

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Images from a website can work too. We will for sure want to see your setup.

Mine will be in black with black grills



I found their website. Intriguing. I like what I see. What is it about Amphion that got your attention?

5 years ago I was recommended the Argon 1’s, by my UK dealer, I then bought the only pair of 3LS that were preloved n the UK, and subsequently bought a new pair of the 7LS speakers. For me they just have a sound to them that a lot of the speakers I demoed just did not have, prob the very low X over, plus the design. Since pairing them with a SGCD and M700 amps also twin Rel S8/12 subs, for the money they all come together really well in my humble opinion. They get a very good review by Hi Fi Pig, a UK based review a small family business and my last speaker (the 3LS)