New speakers inbound

Have finally decided on a new set of speakers to go with my PS M700’s and SGCD. They are the European firm of Amphion, specifically the 7LS model. They are in my budget, as would love some FR20’s and new amplification etc, but cannot go to that level


that’s an ominous user name…peterthebutcher


Hi, my name is Peter and I am a butcher (retired now) :rofl: :rofl:


Yes I’d be nervous around someone with that name if it were London’s (or Liverpool’s) East End :slight_smile:

Dude those look very nice. Let us know what you think after you’ve had 'em awhile.

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They do look rather good too, and on the website I see an alternative colour for the cones - green is cool, but I wonder if they do a vivid orange? :slight_smile:

Edit - ach it seems not…

Screenshot from 2023-08-11 19-29-45

Congratulations on your purchase. I hope they bring you many hours of listening pleasure.

Congrats! Curious if you auditioned them, and if so, what else did you listen to?

I demoed the ATC 40’s, Cantons and Dynaudio (all in the 4/5K£ bracket), it was a close thing, but the Amphions just edged it


Congrats, I like the spec’s on them. what color combo did you go with?

They will be in black with black speaker grills

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They do with a RAL color of choice !

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