Audience AR12?

I thought I would return my Torus on my little system and get this. I googled it. Some say it is the best they have ever heard including PS Audio, Shunyata ETC. My reference system has 2 P20’s. I want no self noise in the bedroom. This is just all very high quality capacitors from the looks of it. No transformer or amplifier “regeneration”.
I only know what some other people said. I wonder what you folks think?
You cannot easily upgrade the power cable, so their “upgraded” power cable is about a $2,000 option. With the unit and upgraded power cable about 7 Grand. I do not want anything making noise in here and Power plants do here. I just did not know if this is better than the Torus. It is twice the price however. Stereophile loved it. This system cannot draw more than 6 amps absolute peak. Do not know if this is best option. My “little” system may be little but it is extremely high end stuff. I have no idea about this thing.

Did you ever aquire the Audience line conditioner? Curious what your thoughts are if so. Just came across a good deal on a used aR6-TS that I think I’ll nab.

I have BHK monos, BHK pre, dmp, dsdac. 2 p10s. One on each amp plus one feeds Dmp and the others are on the Audience 6 etc. whatever version I’m not sure as I’ve had it a long time. I just looked and was surprised as I thought the dsdac tested best to my ears on the P10s, but guess not. I did test to my ears these configs twice… once maybe two years ago and again recently, with same results. I don’t know why. I’ve got Audience power cords mostly and ICs and speaker wire.