DirectStream DAC and PowerPlant: what mode?

I’ve got the DirectStream Sr and the P12 PowerPlant, and I’m trying to determine which mode to use for the outlet used. Paul recommends not switching off your components. If I set the outlet to Always On, should I just leave the DAC on, or should I switch it to standby?

I’m leaning towards always on for the DAC, not standby, so I don’t have to use another remote when I’m done listening. Then I can just set it to dim and turn the P12 on and off with its remote. Am I being too lazy here?

Standby for the DS is just muted and waiting to come out of standby, everything else is ready to play. I keep the DS’s screen off most of the time and never use standby.

Thanks, Ted! That’s what I’ll do. If it’s good enough fir you, it certainly works for me.