Audio cuts out every few seconds

I just purchased a Sprout 100 off of Amazon and am having a problem with audio cutting out for a split-second every 8 - 10 seconds. I am using optical in from my Samsung TV as the source. I have tried multiple cables and multiple headphones. But the audio drops keep happening. I both this $600 dac/amp to replace a $30 dac/amp that was working fine. I just couldn’t get enough volume out of it.

Are these audio dropouts a known issue? Does anyone have any advice on what may be causing this and how I can fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



That’s certainly not something common. I might suspect the cable or the device feeding it. Do you have another? Can you make sure the optical is plugged in snugly?

Hey @ BigLoudJeff,

Email me and let’s figure out what’s going on here.

Sorry about the troubles!


Ooo! And make sure the TV is set to PCM output and not Dolby too.

Welcome Jeff, hope you’re enjoying everything about the unit other than these drop outs. TJ is absolutely right. Make sure the TV is outputting a PCM signal and is two channel.

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I wonder if a USB in would be better? I’ve never had good luck with optical connections.
Congrats on the Sprout, you’ll love it. I listen to mine almost daily…and that’s after I went to the Stellar system (my main system). The jump from Sprout to Stellar happens easily…but the Sprout100 is really a nice piece.

I tried several different optical and audio cables and headphones. All combinations exhibited the drop outs. ANd I do have my TV set to PCM out via optical. The Samsung TV does not offer any USB audio options.



Jeff I have the same problem with a Samsung TV and my Stellar GCD. I even had Samsung come replace the main board in my TV under warranty because I was sure it was the TV. After the replacement it still did the same thing even using different optical cables. I made sure I was running PCM output from the TV also. I got an HDMI ARC converter that I thought would solve the problem by running HDMI ARC into the converter and optical out to the GCD from the converter but that didn’t even work. Now I just run the RCA analog out from the converter into the GCD and that works. I paid around $20 for the converter on Amazon. I think the sample rate coming from the TV is weird at 48 KHz but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not. I kept intending to call PS about the problem with the optical input from the TV but never did.

Hey, if you come up with a solution for Jeff let me know because I would like to go directly from my TV to the GCD with an optical connection and bypass the HDMI converter I’m using. Thanks!

Hey Robert,

Go ahead and email me as well, we’ll get you set up.


I’m guessing it is your tuner or service provider.

Turned out to be OTA antenna causing the issue in Robert’s setup, but we’re going to see a new unit may solve Jeff’s problem.

Optical is so sensitive, even just a bit out of spec connection may result in this problem, but as you see, not always.

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