Sprout 100 low tv volume

I have had my sprout for a couple years now, but recently it has two big issues. The first is that when I watch tv, the volumes coming from the tv optic are really low. Like I turn it up really high and its not terribly loud. (this is annoying in that if I change to streaming music the levels become normal again, and it blasts the heck out of it). Playing around with settings on the tv once, I randomly clicked a button, and the volume went up, then after a few seconds went back down again. This is weird.

I would say it was my tv, but I just got a new tv, and its the same situation.

Then to add insult to injury, I have been experiencing the 30 second cutout that other users have noticed. It only happens when watching tv (at these higher power levels). I would assume its a heat issue, or a protection feature, but its unclear which one it is.

Any suggestions?

Did you try setting the output to a 2 channel PCM feed?

Unfortunately my tv only gives the option of PCM output, saying nothing about if or when it is converted to 2 channel. I don’t know if the sprout does this, or the tv. Either way, not an option on either of my Samsung tvs. Playing around with it just now, I noticed again after a audio change, that the sound was louder, then after like 5 seconds it got noticeably quieter. Its like some feature gets activated and lowers outputs.

There may be an Auto Volume setting in your Samsung TV that’s causing the problem.