Optical from HDMI into Sprout100 not working

I’m currently using the Sprout100 with a computer that doesn’t have an optical port nor headers on the motherboard to add one, so I’m using audio over HDMI and separating the audio signal to be used with optical. I have an extractor similar to https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074HHSJVN/ but made by Insignia (same ports). I’m able to hear the audio when plugging headphones directly into the extractor so I do not believe it is at fault, but I get no sound from the DAC when running a toslink from the extractor to the DAC. I have tried multiple optical cables in-case one was broken but none work. I’ve also tried running optical directly from a TV to the DAC and it still outputs no sound.

I do not have any other inputs plugged into the DAC and it is on Digital mode as expected. Is this an issue with the DAC and is there a way I can verify this?

EDIT: I tested with audio over USB and that works fine.

Just a guess but make sure your sources are outputting stereo PCM and not multichannel.

They are. The HDMI extractor is outputting 2 channel and my TV is outputting PCM. Neither work. I’m starting to believe it’s just a faulty optical port.

Do you have something plugged into USB on the Sprout?

Nope. I’m now using audio over USB since that’s functional, but with nothing plugged into it the optical port just does not work.

sounds like a warranty case…