Audiophile Masters Volume III

…is in the house.

Looking forward to giving it a spin:


Looking forward to hearing your opinion. I also ordered a copy, my order still shows processing.

This one came out pretty quickly, in terms of turning around the order and shipping.

I ordered it on January 13, 2022.


They usually do turn them around pretty quick. Not sure why mine is still being processed, we ordered on the same date. hopefully it will ship soon.

Good stuff. I played it last night. Their production and recordings are pretty consistent across the Octave offerings.

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Just finished ripping the CD and copying the various “hi-rez” versions from the data disk and loading same into JRiver Media Center and my Roon library.

Will listen some, a bit later.

It seems the Masters Vol. III sounded better than the earlier releases (I &II). I wonder what changes did Octave Records make on this release?

How so, could you expand on your experience with Maters III in comparison?

I just checked your tracking number and says it should be delivered today. Hopefully that’s the case!

In my system the Masters 3 sounded with a quieter background and music notes are more present. The pST/Dragon48/DS tells great details in little changes.

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I did a taste test of Master 3 via the website and concluded it would be an excellent recording for tuning in a new subwoofer (REL S/510) so I bought it. Actually received the email the same day the REL was delivered, so timing couldn’t be more perfect. Masters 3 did not disappoint in this use. It was perfect for tuning in the Sub.

There is no doubt that this is an excellent recording. Really PSA should take a bow for the recording. However, I’m also pretty confident that the only listening I’ll do is when I’m fine tuning my system. I find the tracks very disjoint, they don’t come together as a collection. My observation I’m sure matches PSA’s intention, more to show off what Octave is capable of than putting together an album that tells a story. I really don’t see ever sitting and listening to this for enjoyment. It’s something only an audiophile could use.

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Thanks for the update @jamesh , yes it did arrive today. Just for info the web site status is still showing ‘processing’ and I didn’t get a ship notice for some reason. Now to spin some new tunes!

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Just got mine in the mail today, but with the SGCD in the shop I have no way to listen to it other than the CD layer on the computer, but that’s muted at the moment while my wife is Zooming with her friends.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Apple Music found metadata for it (though without artwork, and with a typo in the title of "Baba Yaga’s Hut”). No composer credits, though, and none found in the disc packaging either.



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Added the vinyl to discogs; please review and edit if you see changes.

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