Audiophile recordings


I’ve been to Metropolis Studios (in Chiswick, London). They have around five mixing suites, mostly using PMC active speakers. Here’s a pic of a multichannel suite:

BB5-XBD Studio Image

I use the same speakers but use mainly PS Audio dacs and amps to drive them with a DEQX digital crossover rather than an analogue active Bryston crossover.

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PMC speakers are impressive - as are some of their prices.

So, how do I incorporate your Tidal playlist to my Roon account?

I have Roon, Tidal and Qobuz and can’t seem to find Benchmarks in Tidal and save ti to my Tidal playlists for Roon to grab from.

Thanks in advance.

Im not sure how roon works(I don’t own one)…but, id assume roon will accept and use any playlists you had previously made through the tidal website. It should also be able to sync/update from any changes made by the tidal website.

So, first login to tidal in a normal browser tab. Then make a new playlist(with your name of choosing).

Then click on my ‘benchmarks‘ link into another browser tab(right click open in new tab). Click “play on tidal” button. It will load ‘benchmarks’ into the tab which you previously logged into tidal. Click the “…” button to the right of shuffle. Click “Add to playlist”. Then simply choose the playlist you made.

…roon should sync to the main tidal website after that. Someone else may have more information on the syncing process.

Your Benchmark link does nothing but take me to tidal. When I log in to title there is no such playlist to be found.

Is your playlist only actually up in the PS Audio linked page?

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Clicking on my link should bring you here(it will show the playlist preview and you will not be logged into tidal):

If you get this close this window and follow the instructions I put above.

As a data point, your link works for me exactly as you illustrate. I am not a Tidal user. I like I can hear a 30 second snippet of each entry.

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I’ll give it a another go…



Brain cramp on my end…apologies.

All I had to do was press play, then the heart icon to save to my Tidal playlists. I was hung up on the fact that I was not logged in at the first Tidal screen that comes up and thought I was stuck.

All’s well that ends well…

Lots of nice choices – some of my favorite performers. (Every time I see Eva Cassidy’s name or hear some of her work, I can’t enjoy it without a tinge of regret thinking of what might have been.)



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Hugh Masakela Hope (recorded at Blues Alley) sounds amazing on my system:

Hugh Masakela Hope (CD recorded at Blues Alley)


Sony PCM, Teldec, DMM, the only thing missing is the extra track on the CD.

Roon doesn’t find “The Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals” on Tidal or Qobuz

This is purely a compilation of test tracks. It does not hold together in any form from the music perspective, unless you like the random play option from your music library.

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Yes…like „the best allegros“ as a classical compilation :wink:

Which makes it the perfect “audiophile recording,” the topic of this thread.

Per my first post, I was hoping for things to be listed equally for their artistic merit, not just for recording quality. In my book, compilations have to have structure or a common thread to be worthwhile.

Point taken.

A best of female vocalists is “a common thread.”

But I appreciate you simply do not like a compilation recording