SACD to go with Paul's Loudspeaker book

Does anyone know whether the SACD for Paul’s new Audiophile Guide: The Loudspeaker is out? I see the following SACD titled “Audiophile Reference Music” but the nothing in the title or the description says that it’s the one.

I thought the amazon site said something like Oct 3rd

Hmm I never checked Amazon for the SACD since Octave has such trouble getting their CDs on Amazon.

Amazon just has a link to Octave Records. A few days ago, there was a listing on Octave Records for “The Audiophiles Guide, The STEREO” which Paul had mentioned in one of his videos as the companion SACD for the book The Audiophiles Guide: The Loudspeaker. That SACD is no longer listed.

The Audiophile Reference Music CD goes with the book The Audiophiles Guide: The STEREO. I hope that they get the two listings straightened out so that it is clear which SACD goes with which book.


So it’s oct 1st. It shows you when you select kindle not paperback in Amazon.

*Requires the purchase of the companion SACD available on October 1, 2022 at HTTP://

If all goes well, the book and CD should be live on our site by Oct. 1st. That’s the date I’ve been given at least.

James, can you confirm the “companion SACD” will also be available in a downloadable DSD format, for those of us without SACD transports?

I don’t think so. In a recent video Paul said of you don’t have an sacd transport, go to Kmart and buy one for $30.

Right, but in another thread he said releasing it for download was a good idea, given the delay of the SACD.

Hence my question…

Edit: Also, show me a link to a $30 SACD player please. Walmart seems to have one for $1,299.99…

Sony and various others have DVD players that also decode SACD.

If this is anything like the STEREO reference music, buying the SACD also gets you a DVD with the files in several resolutions. That’s where the $30 DVD drive comes in. However, I really hope there will be a download option because 1) I’m impatient, and 2) I’m cheap - Octave downloads are usually $19. Gee, you’d think someone who calls himself an audiophile wouldn’t worry about $20…

I think the problem is we keep looking for a $30 SACD player and forgetting that every SACD we make has a CD layer.

The idea was to get a $30 anything player, put in the SACD (that is released on October 1) and it will play just fine.

No, it won’t play the DSD layer but for the setup that’s ok.

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Duh!!! Sorry totally forgot about that

Thanks for the clarification, Paul. By the way, I am loving the book (companion disc or not). It’s fantastic timing - as I type this I am itching from fiberglass insulation I’m using in bass traps for my new dedicated audio room. If I live through today, tomorrow I’ll be laying out my speaker placement. Yeah, I know you said to do the speaker positioning first, but since it’s a dedicated, and small, room, I needed to get things to where they didn’t sound TERRIBLE to begin with.

The companion SACD has CD layer playable in any sort of player. We will also make the tracks available for download too.

Sorry. It is scheduled for release October 1.

Am I not understanding something, or do the depth values listed in the book for the depth assessment tracks not match what the woman is saying on the actual tracks? It seems the distances she saying don’t match what’s in the book.