Audiophiles - Who plays, creates, or works in music?


Caceres was one of a pair of brothers from San Antonio that were amazing players (his brother played violin) and Ernie was part of the “Condon Mob” of players of “Chicago Style” in the 'forties and 'fifties. He had a killer musical mind.


Always been drawn into music. Grandpa was an orchestra conductor, Dad was a journo and wrote a book (for us Spanish speaking) about jazz. I only had less than a year’s training though -at the De Falla conservatory- as I guess I discovered an even keener interest in 1) soccer and 2) girls :slight_smile:

Conservatory required that you entered courses for at least 2 instruments, and piano and classical guitar were ‘my thing’ although I never got beyond mediocre at either.

I am still mediocre, but I still enjoy playing very much whenever I get a minute. I work 24/7/365 so those moments listening to music in my little dedicated room, or playing the odd Morricone classic gives me great joy, as well as an escape from all the work and the pressure. The healing powers of music -Amen to that.

Ref smoking dope, no thanks but Play Air Guitar? Guilty, usually when the solos of “What I am” by Edie Brickell are up.


I play electric violin and keys , and gig on a pretty regular basis, trying my hand at making some electronic music as well .


I still get paid to play horn from time to time. Have played most brass and wood wind to an amateur level. I build acoustic guitars and seem to collect electric guitars. I still have a grand piano to tinkle from time to time.
I teach music at a high school full time and spent 20 odd years as musical prostitute playing for opera/ballet and TV. Never full time but I took regular time off to play the shows when I could.
I haven’t done much since my wife died except bring up my kids. They are now 8 and 12 so I’m starting to do the odd gig again at the pro level.


This is the rig I restarted eight years ago my non-professional non-career as e-bass player in a Munich based Rock band, just for the fun of it. In our band room (which we changed twice since) I stand right next to the drums, and the sound pressure is considerable (hey, it’s not Jazz), but I get my hearing measured regularly and all is good. So far.

Four weeks ago we gave our first concert in years. People danced and wanted more. A very satisfying feeling.


Active Drummer here. Per your questions, I wish I could play an instrument or understand music or find work but I will happily settle for a quart of beer and making some NOISE!!!


Yes. Yes I do