Audiophiles - Who plays, creates, or works in music?

Just curious about the posters here… do you:

1 - Actively play an instrument? What?
B - Write music? Fun or professionally?
3 - Active gigging musician?
4 - Work in the music industry such as recording or other? Describe.
5 - Work in the electronics industry such as selling/building audio equipment? Studio/home?
6 - Play air guitar and drink beer by the quart?
ZZZ - Smokes dope and sits in a haze surrounded by tunes?

Bruce in Philly

Dude…that’s totally rad…what was the question again?..:sunglasses:


Nanny software doesn’t like the post: zzz. Wants a comple sentence. There’s always a critic be it man or machine.

I sometimes think I play guitar and bass and sometimes I think I just collect them. I have a few dozen total. I used to play drums in a band, and I love to play pianos, acoustic and electric. I have an electronic keyboard that is pretty nice but I would rather have a real piano, but space and another consideration do not allow.

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Five characters is the minimum allowed post length. Many forums require ten. I have seen a few that allow as little as three.

In my case playing music is rather a thing of the past (small group or big bands, also in the army) … now I’m just occasionally tootin‘ the horn or playing some Bach on a Yamaha electronic piano. Used to try various instruments when younger…drums to a cranked up stereo was the most fun at an early time.

All low amateur level.

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I did notice a major change…we can edit posts (no longer limited to a couple minutes) that include internet image links. That is a nice change!

I continue to fuss with the various settings in an effort to improve the forum.

Sometimes it works; sometimes, not. :slight_smile:

I have also removed or limited certain restrictions to posting as our members are overall very well behaved. There is nothing terrible which can happen with the current settings, but they provide more flexibility.

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I play bari sax in a community band. Great fun!

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You need an “other” option … I never learned to play an instrument. Not sure if it wasn’t an option, I went to a parochial school for grades 1-8 and I don’t recall any music classes, or if I was permanently scarred by my initial evaluation, i.e., this kid couldn’t carry a tune even if he had Superman helping him carry it. Regardless, I never tried, though got the spark of “I should try”, not long ago, but the instrument I wanted to try was the Cello. Not a good place to start I was told. My wife likes to chide me about this and the apparent dichotomy with wanting to reproduce music as best I can. I am so misunderstood … :roll_eyes:

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Any chance to bring back „likes“ to Paul’s Posts and a longer editing option?

Wow, I’d love to try one…never did (play tenor).

I do not know. I have no control over Paul’s Post’s.

I suggest emailing Paul directly so he can forward your suggestions to the correct people.

I play tenor too (and “some” clarinet). But bari is too cool!

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Bari is king…Pepper Adams is my favorite.

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@ [Elk]Wrangler: Just have to say, this is one of the best forums I’ve ever been involved with. Besides the level of civility, the features are outstanding, and a pleasure to use.


Pepper Adams was cool. So was Ventura, Rollini and especially Ernie Caceres. And Cecil Payne. Lars Gullin is maybe my favorite. And though he’s best known for tenor and soprano, I LOVE Barney Wilen on baritone, beautiful sound.

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We are delighted to have you (and everyone else)!

Yeah…and Ronnie Cuber…didn’t know Rollini, Gullin and Casceres so far…have to listen

I’ll second that reply. This forum in general is a pleasure to be involved in.