Audioquest Dragon Thread

There are two different heights to choose from.

You are right, Dragon Source is not recommended for amps/generators, but HC should be fine for any gear, I believe. If you order a Source already, you may compare it to HC to see if they make difference.

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How is the Dragon source cable working for you? I was considering the Hurricane source cable.


Even my daughter thinks the system sounded better, and Dragon Source has not done breaking in yet because I heard better separation and soundstage today.

It is on DS now so both PST and Server can benefit, but I like it more on PST. I will see how long I can resist getting another one.

Luca thinks HC on generator made the most improvement, but to me Source with HC together really elevate the SQ, and it is a worthy investment. I do not know if another Dragon will make sense at this point. If I added all my cables together, they would be close to my electronics costs. One more Dragon may push it over. But this is what Luca has now, I think.


Yes I have all sources (TT LPS, SPP, PST, DAC and BHK Pre) fed by Dragon Source and P20 and M1200s fed by HC Dragon.
HC Dragon gave me best results.
Source Dragon shines IMO most feeding the SPP.
The cumulative effect is anyhow remarkable.

Think about M-1 fuse and its cumulative improvement.


Are you trying to push me over the edge? :joy: I am going to at least wait for a few weeks to see if I can hold my horses.

I do like my three M-1s more than two.

Don’t ask me what you already know I could answer!

I knew that you knew what I already knew you would answer. I saw an AD for a 2-meter Dragon Source, Hmmm, I may contact the guy and hope he will refuse my offer.

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