Audioquest Dragon Thread

I always forget the often following line. . .

Very interesting. . . .

But stupid.

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I have a .75 meter HDMI Dragon cable for sale in Marketplace–$1400

Nice write up on the new AQ Dragon interconnects in the October 2022 TAS by Robert Harley page 108. A quote from Robert Harley “ the Dragon interconnect is the most significant advance in interconnect performance I’ve encountered in 33 years of full-time reviewing.”

I’d say he knows what he’s talking about. Now I need to find an extra $20k laying around after I buy a pair of reference REL Subwoofers. :upside_down_face:


[SOLD] For those of you interested in a 2m Dragon High Current AC cable, I’m selling one of mine on Audiogon.

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15 amp or 20 amp?

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Looks like a 15a connector.

I thought that too, image pixelization trying to zoom in made it tough to distinguish.

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15 amp.


This looks like a pretty good deal if you are in the market:



For two 2m Dragons that’s a great deal. Make sure they aren’t counterfeit.

One has to be very careful in buying AQ Dragon cables on used market. There are too many fakes out there. The newer fakes are hard to tell since the latest Dragon has been out for a few years.

TMR is a good source, and one will get a good discount there and no need to worry.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone compared the fakes compared to the original?

My guess would be no.

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I think someone on Audiogon may have.

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New arrival at TMR


Nab that bad boy!!!

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Soooo, if a cable manufacturer offers power cords for digital or analog service, is a DAC digital or analog? Digitalog?


Ooh! Great question. Sounds like a great opportunity for a company to market a new “Hybrid” power cord. Or better yet, a DAC that requires two power cords. One for the analog stage and one for the digital. Hmmmm.

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The discussion of matching power cords to DACs is interesting to me. I’ve been switching two of my current cords between my DS MK2 DAC and my BHK Preamp. The AQ Dragon cord is beyond my comfortable price range, but I’m enjoying a Shunyata Delta V2 NR cable on my DAC and a Cardas Clear cable on my preamp. I’m thinking that the extensive noise reduction and the hybrid silver/copper conductors of the Delta may be helpful on the DAC, while the all-copper Clear provides a richer tonality and possibly some synergy with my Clear Reflection XLRs and speaker cables on my analog gear.