Audioquest HDMI as I2S Cables

Does anyone have any experience using the various incarnations of Audioquest HDMI cables for the I2S connection between the Memory Wave transport and the DSD? I am currently using the Audioquest Vodka which sounds very good to my ears. I have a 1m length of Audioquest Coffee on order that I am going to compare it with.

I heard the two in someone else’s PS Audio based system and the more expensive Coffee was not a clear winner. Granted the Coffee was not fully broken in and the Vodka was but the presentation was very different; the Vodka was upfront and dynamic, the Coffee smoother and maybe more mid-hall. Similar to the differences I heard when I auditioned the BHK Preamp against the Krell Illlusion 2. They were both very good but the BHK was more alive and close up. The Krell was very continuous but I wasn’t in love with it’s mid-hall presentation so I bought the BHK.

Getting a little off-track…I wondered if anyone had any experiences with the different flavors of all the Audioquest cables on up to the Diamond.

Just to clarify, are you referring to the DS (DirectStream)?


I assumed the Audioquest Coffee would be an improvement over the Audioquest Vodka but that’s not the case. I don’t know if it’s that DBS module (provides constant voltage to the dielectric) that’s the cause but I switched back to the Vodka a few minutes ago.

I guess I can use the Coffee in my video system if need be.