Cable synergy - DS Junior to BHK Pre

Paul has been teasing Audioquest cooperation and there were a teaser youtube video online a short time. But, nothing on the web page.

Which Audioquest cable do PS Audio recommend between my DS Junior DAC and my BHK Pre?

Ha yes, Paul has been teasing the subject for a while. Definitely poking the cable upgrade bear in a lot of us.

While doing our listening tests with the PerfectWave line, (which contains the DSJ and BHK pre) we landed pretty firmly on the Water XLR. The Water RCAs implement the same Solid-Perfect Surface Copper as the XLRs, but as you know, running balanced between the DSJ and BHK pre sounds a lot better!

The Water interconnects really hit a sweet spot of price to performance with the PerfectWave gear.

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Thank you, then I did the correct gamble when I bought a demo used Audioquest Water XLR cable today :smiley:
It will arrive in a few hours.

I’m upgrading from some old AQ King Cobra XLR cables.

Dang, no kidding! A few hours? That’s awesome! Let us know what you think when you get them hooked up. Hopefully with them being a demo pair, they’ll have some hours on them already.

I´m not sure what to say.

I’m not an experienced audiophile with a good vocabulary for describing sound. My BHK Pre is stuck in the local post office (after a trip) that are closed for easter so I have to test with my DS JR connected to the BHK250 with Harbeth C7ES3 40th anniversary speakers.

I just can’t believe the difference. Cables should not have this big effect. Soundstage is a bit wider, sound a bit more full and I enjoy listening more.

So, if you have AQ King Cobra cables AQ Water are a major upgrade.

For me, AQ isn’t a favorite… doesn’t sound bad, just a bit boring. I’m using Cardas Clear and Clear Beyond throughout my system (which is mostly PSA… BHK pre, DSS, PWT, NuWave Phono, P12 and Pass XA60.5’s)

That’s kind of the beauty of cables… you can use them to “tune” your system to your liking and your room.

It gets expensive unless you have the opportunity to audition them however (and even after you audition them, it’s STILL expensive :exploding_head:).

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