Audioquest NRG-Y3 Power Cable for P12?

I recently added a P12 to my rack. I can’t believe the difference it has made! I replaced the stock power cable for an Audioquest NRG-Y3 and now I’m not sure if that was an upgrade or lateral move, or possibly a downgrade? I’ve heard that this AQ cable seems to be more geared towards components, but PS Audio also admits that they highly expect that the cable they include with their products will be tossed aside for one of better quality.

So my question is…Is this cable better than the one that came with the P12 or could I be choking its performance?

Obviously a better AQ cable (Thunder?) would be even better but until that purchase is made I just want to make sure that I’m not doing worse than stock.

Appreciate all insight!

Hello TravWil,

I’m looking into a similar situation with amplifier power. I see that PS Audio is recommending AQ Thunder.

I’m not an expert but from my experience the AQ NRG-Y3 is going to be a huge upgrade over the standard leave it in the box power cable!

The Y3 would be a poor cable for that application I think, as it is a smaller gauge cable designed to be used with sources, not amplifiers.

I think you are choking performance, assuming you’re using the P12 to power several things (esp if powering amps or subs).

No need to stick with AQ. Pangea has an AC-9 for $100 that would be at least better suited size wise to what you are trying to accomplish, or Signal Magicpower for $80 even better perhaps, or any other number of options.

If you stick with AQ, I’d think you want 11guage or bigger (lower number).


Hey Travwill…I have a P12 feeding a large amp plus sources…
current;y using Pangea AC9Se MkII one from P12 to wall
and another Pangea AC9SE MkII from P12 to Parasound A21.
Pangea AC14SE MkII to sources…and strong in the bass

My system has very quick detailed with great width height and front to back depth of image…
I don’t feel any need to further upgrade power cables and can highly recommend them.

The Pangea AC9SE MkII are in reality 7 gauge cables and can present challenges to go around corners…recommend extra footage in order to make wide arcs around bends…even so
great value for $$$

Would place high on list…

Cool! I’ll give Pangea a try!


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You wont regret it …There are several AC9 se versions be sure to get the MKII version
if you decide to get cables for your sources then get AC14 se MkII version
rhey will require abut 40 hours maybe less burn in time…not bad

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what gear are you running?

BHK Preamp, DirectStream Dac, and BHK 250.

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The best cable you can afford should power your PS Audio regenerator. I resisted that idea for a long time, but when I plugged a Shunyata Sigma NR into my P20, I was amazed. The regenerator benefits as well as everything that’s plugged into it.

Get the best cable you can afford.


Great preamp and power amp…Pangea will serve you well

Audioadvisor now has the Pangea 9SE MKII on sale check it out

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Wow. 6 gauge cable. Plus it is less than Paul’s reference cable. Definitely high quality.

Actually the AC9SE MkII is 7 gauge

They’re expensive. But in this case, you get what you pay for.

I use all Pangea AC9SE MkII for amps and Power Plants and the Pangea 14’s for sources.

The 9’s are beasts of cables.


Hey Darth…

I have an entire loom of Pangeas AC14Se MkIIs for sources to a P15 and
AC9SE MkIIs from JC5 amp to P15 and from P15 to wall… The 9s are
actually 7 gauge…The 9s are very stiff to flex around corners but by
adding extra length when I purchased and thus made it easier to
get around the corners…

In my system these Pangeas enable a high level of sound quality…
and am very pleased with them…

Best wishes

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Very nice!! I also have the JC5 powering my Paradigm Persona 3f’s. As well as other Parasound amps, A31 and 5125 for Center Persona and surround channels for HT! All amps and P12 have the Pangea 9’s… sources 14’s.

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My Parasound JC5 replaced my wonderful A21, driving my
Focal Aria 948s 2 channel only system…with all of it being
supplied by p15…

The results are never ending bliss …

Your Paradigm Persona 3fs are really amazing speakers…

Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes

I also use the JC2 BP for 2 channel, and use the Bypass for Home Theater…

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