P10 and Power Cable Recommendations?


So, I've had my P10 for something like 6 weeks now. I think demos in my listening room (and dragging the P10 to friends houses) has probably sold another few Power Plants. LOL

A friend is loaning me an AC-12 and AC-5 power cables for a couple days, and I have a Pangea AC9SE.

I'm not hearing "Oh wow" type improvement, but I do hear improvement over my pretty decent 10AWG DIY cables (milspec silver plated copper with rhodium over copper plugs). I think most of the improvement is due to better shielding and whatever proprietary tricks PSA has - I have blacker backgrounds and more even sound across the spectrum which allows the music to leap forward.

That said, I can't afford to run AC-12 throughout my system like Paul has in the PSA listening room. So I'm looking for suggestions (and scouring the internet for used AC-12 at killer deals).

My setup is pretty simple - P10 on Dedicated 20 amp circuit -> Oppo BDP-105 -> Decware Zen Mystery Amp -> Decware MG944 speakers.

Suggestions on best bang for the buck power cords for this setup? Right now I've got the AC12 on the P10, AC5 on the Decware ZMA, and the Pangea AC9SE on the Oppo. I figure that setup makes the most sense, but again, the PS Audio cables are on loan, not mine to keep. :)

Also, just a side note - I think part of the reason the P10 and PS Audio power cables really don't OH WOW me like they do at other peoples houses, is that the Decware Zen Mystery Amp has these huge 2200mfd 600v NOS caps on the mains. I think it really helps a lot doing what other systems need the P10 and AC12 to do.


May I ask you a few questions. ?

What settings are you using on the P10 ?

Voltage in your area 120 or 230

You say dedicated circuit ? How ? Size of wire from panel and distance ?



Cullen Cable http://cullencable.com makes very good cables for modest prices. Yes, you can get better if you are willing to SPEND the money on them.

Signal Cable http://signalcable.com/index.html also produces very good cables for very modest prices. Again, better cables can be had for much more money.

Research both of these. Most people have good things to say about them.


May I ask you a few questions. ?

What settings are you using on the P10 ?
Voltage in your area 120 or 230
You say dedicated circuit ? How ? Size of wire from panel and distance ?



Al, P10 is currently set for 120v, Multi-wave (4), 0 Phase, High Regulation.

Circuit is 20A on 12AWG wire (with dedicated ground) in conduit, Hospital grade Hubble outlet. It's about 32' from the (new) breaker panel to the outlet. Only thing I haven't upgraded yet is the grounding rod in the yard. Eventually I'm going to add a couple grounding rods to the yard to lower the resistance to ground and help drain noise away.


The feeder size should be ten gauge min. If romex use 10/3 and the red leg use with the ground wire for a ground. But just at the panel. Do you have a water pipe ground or metallic water pipe . Or a well and plastic ?



It’s using a water pipe ground, but I’m going to add at least two copper ground rods off the panel.

Is 10/3 really necessary? I can do it, it just means starting over.


Pangea AC-9SE This power cable is a monster, 7 guage, but omg what a difference it makes. I have a P-10 also. Almost night and day in what it doe’s for your sound. Go to audioadvisor.com, look them up, and read the reviews for your self. I have replaced all of my power cords on all of my equipment with these Pangea cords. You’ll never go back!


Sorry…didn’t read far enough into your comments. but I do have a question for you. IMO I think the AC9SE is a bit much for your Oppo, the AC14SE is made for DVD players, and other smaller components. Maybe switch the 9se for your P-10?


AC9SE was on the P10, but I’m borrowing an AC12 and AC5 to see what the fuss is about. So yeah, the AC9SE is overkill, but the Oppo was the last device to need a “better than stock shielded cable”.

I see a lot of love/hate for the Pangea stuff on the interwebs. I’m tempted to get the new AC14XL, but they don’t specify if it’s designed for sources (as you mentioned the AC14SE is), or if it’s been bumped up and might be a good for my tube amp instead.

I can probably get a used AC-5 for the price of a high end 1.5M Pangea - but I think I like the copper and shielding used in the AC12 better.


I think the Pangea power cords are awesome, made a hell of a difference to my system. For your tube amp I would use another 9SE, they are made for high current components. Audio Advisor has them really inexpensive.


The Pangea cords are a house brand of Audio Advisor, designed by Jay Victor, the same fellow that helped design the PS Audio AC series. Jay’s a good designer. They are made in the same plant in China where ours are made.

While I don’t think they come close to the AC’s, the Pangeas are good for the money.


12 gauge is the minimum gauge required by code… When I had mine installed I specified 10 gauge… Electricians aren’t really fond of 10 gauge due to it’s stiffness, it’s hard to work with compared to 12…

Fwiw 10 gauge is required by code to do 30 amp lines…


@lonelyraven If you’re in the USA why not borrow a few from The Cable Company? www.thecableco.com Personally I’m a big Shunyata fan…


Paul…that’s funny ; )


Did I say something funny? I was hoping to today, April fool’s and all!! :stuck_out_tongue: What did I say?


Sorry Paul, WGLEN gets the Oscar for today’s FUNNY.



I hope you were joking but you said your cables are made in China hahaha

As for where there made I do not care I just want them to improve things




Gauge ? Code in what use ?



Pangea AC9SE is 1 gauge thicker, but 1 shield less, the rest is the same. There made at the same place, but yours is $650 more…to answer your question, about what’s funny. : )


There are more differences than those. Ha.