New DirectStream Memory Player

Took advantage of the trade in on my PW Transport and received my new DirectStream Memory Player. Been listening all night to SACD disc that I rarely play because I could not play them through my DirectStream Dac. My old Denon 2900 which i still have in my system plays SACD but not through an outboard Dac of course.

I realize I just plugged this DMP player in about 10 hours ago but, I will be totally honest with everyone. There have been a few times over the years when I upgrade or change something in my system and its like WOW, so much improvement in the overall sound. Thats what the DMP player has at least done for me in the last 10 hours. This player in incredible, at least on SACD, have not played any redbook yet.

I was on the fence about trading up but, Im so glad I did. Cant wait to hear this player after a few weeks of break in. Thanks Paul and the team at PS Audio. Home run for sure.


Thanks, Randy and you’re right. I am always stunned every time I compare the DMP to anything else. It’s perhaps the single biggest improvement in sound quality I have had in the listening room over the past few years.

Really helps you rediscover your entire collection.

Im fairly new as a PS Audio customer with a recent purchase last September of a DMP and Dac senior .
With the bulk of my digital music collection being red book of many known well recorded performances though one recording stands out above any SACD , DVD Audio .red book or home produced recordings I have .
This percussion recording put out by Tony Minasian of Tonian Labs titled Drums & Bells , shockingly realistic beyond anything on disc , Hires down load or vinyl record and it’s 16 44

What this guy has done here with his 16 44 recording is truly remarkable , played through the DMP and Dac senior will make you like em even more ,

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Post the album cover for reference. This looks like the one. Easy to find.

Thanks Frank , ,…
Apparently Tonian Labs have a Jazz cd in the works , I’m not really a fan of collecting specialized recordings of the likes of Chesky, Sheffield Labs and others including this one from Tonian Labs however this one is special .
Comparisons with other percussion recordings of so called Hi-res downloads using a Aurender A10 sever I did not find Tonian Labs equal , close but no cigar .
For serious listening I would sooner listen using discs then using a server , I think it sounds a little better , Good one PS Audio .

I am happy to buy the offerings of specialty labels if the music is good. If not, i do not care how good it sounds.