Directstream Transport -- HDCD / Blu Ray?

I’m thinking of purchasing DST in the current sale. I know it plays SACD out of I2S to a PS Audio Dac. Does it do the same for HDCD and BluRay audio?

The duo does not decode HDCD. Will play, but not the decoded HDCD.

Some Blu-ray Audio discs can be played (those designed to be navigated without a screen). Others (many) won’t play. . . or will just play the menu music, or a surround track, whichever type/track the player can access and you can’t select another. It’s very hit or miss on Blu-ray discs.

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Thank you - this is very helpful!

With all that being said, it sounds FANTASTIC with redbook and SACD’s.

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Kevin & lonson, i would recommend using the firmware 1.94 for best navigation…using the Musical Note Icon…

later firmware editions beyond 3.06, make it almost impossible to play BLU-RAY & DVD discs because they took that Icon away…

so much for even the recent literature on this site, in the last couple months, that STILL claimed it also plays DVD’s…i bought 2 DMP’s that on site literature claimed to be universal, also playing DVD’s and BLURAY’s.

bait & switch!!

shame on PS Audio for Now making us choose from usability, as was purchased/advertised, or removing the only basic way remaining to trying to enjoy our library of collected music/concerts on DVD & BLU-RAY.

i waited 2 yrs and finally just bought a REAL universal player…no bugs…it Works!

you can search the transport section for the 1.94 firmware or i can send it via email…if you tell me how to send

Hi Iron, thanks. I have that firmware on hand. However I don’t think it handles the Blu-ray Audio discs I’d like to play any better than the 3.10 I am using currently, and I don’t prefer the “sound” of that OS.

I too have a quite good universal player (Oppo UDP-205) although not quite the sonic equal to the DS as a DAC source for the 2 channel sound. Going to have to do.

handles about a 1/3 of the Blurays and most DVD’s…using the Musical Note Icon…can be coached…

I also agree that the SQ is lacking compared to more recent FW releases…
BUT, FW 3.06 and below do allow some access to the BD & DVD…sad trade off