I just got DS dac to test, but Audirvana on my mac mini does not recognize the unit. Can someone kindly advise what to do to get this work, many thanks.

Go to the Midi setup. Finder->Applications->Utilities->Audio Midi setup.

Look for the PS Audio 2.0 unit and make sure of a couple of things: that the little speaker denoting which audio device produces the sound is on the PS Audio device (if not, right click and select us as the device). Secondly, to the right in the Audio Midi window make sure the sample rate is not at the 300kHz setting, but rather, choose another, like 176kHz. Audirvana should set the sample rate eventually.

It works. An sounds brilliant, many thanks!

Glad to help. Have fun and enjoy.

I just downloaded the trial version of Audirvana. Until I can get my hands on a DS Sr., it’s only purpose is organizing my very cluttered folders of DSD, Red Book, & 192/96_24 Bit PCM files on my Windows 10 Pro music/video/file server. PCM files are played via the USB or coax inputs of my SGCD and DSD 2.0 channel is played through the DSD (up to 11.2MHz) DAC of my Sony UBP-X1000ES. Audirvana does not support 5.1 so it’s back to the old file folder/Windows Media Player structure on my Sony’s Streaming interface for those types of files.

Does it improve sound quality ? Not sure but I do need to spend some more time with it. I typically playback my DSD files via network retrievable USB memory sticks that are plugged into both my Sony STR-DN1080 & Sony UBP-X1000ES.

Until I get either a Matrix-2 or Sonore USB to I2S/HDMI adapter box, I’ll purchase the Audirvana software just for the purpose of organizing my library which is very very similar to Amazon HD Music’s GUI.