Auralic Aries G2.1 still nice?

Had the same issue but once I took the ribbon cable off on both sides and re-seated it everything came on. One side is easier to get on than the other. So do the more difficult side first.

I am going to bring my Aries in to a technician for repair. The power supply is good. I believe that the computer ribbon connector at the display end to be faulty. I am having difficulty finding a local technician to do the repair. I will research further in the morning.

I’m having an old friend who is good with this type of stuff come over tomorrow to help me out. He is very talented with this type of stuff and he should be able to help me out.

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My streamer works! The computer ribbon was loose. The sound is nice. The only thing and it’s not too bad is that the display has a bit of a green tinge to it. Does anyone else notice this with the upgraded power supply.

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My display crapped out but the streamer still works. No display on the Aries.

It’s gotta be “their” fault.

I upgraded mine a few months ago and the screen works fine. Check to see if the connectors are not loose from the cable. Contacting Aries for a replacement cable might be an option.

It’s obviously the ribbon connector or the clip the ribbon connector hooks onto. The streamer sounds good already but I will check out fixing the display.

The sound is very nice :blush:

Happy cake day!

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The new power supply sounds awesome. It likes at least 100 hours play to sound really good. I found the sound a bit dull but good before burn in on the power supply.

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My Hoer-Wege power supply for my Aries G2 is with US Customs. This thread has been enlightening on what to expect and what to watch out for. Thanks all, I am looking forward to joining the club!


My Aries G2.1 sounds awesome but the display needs to be replaced or repaired. It is the clip which holds the ribbon cable which is broken. Not the end of the world but I will one day have it repaired. The main thing is that the streamer sounds good. It rivals my PST with Dragon HDMI I2S cable. The Aries is connected to my DSD with a Wel Signature AES/EBU cable which is top of the line Audioquest digital cable. My streamer and PST are very close in sound quality. The Hoer-Wege likes burn in.

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