Hoer-Wege power supply for Auralic Aries G2.1?

Does this power supply upgrade make a worthwhile improvement? I may add this upgrade one day

I believe it does, yes

I will upgrade the power supply when convenient. I think the power supply is $500US or so and I will need to find someone to install it. My 3 year warranty has expired this month so it’s about the funds and finding a technician to install it.

You might want to message @paul172. I believe this is the power supply mod he has on his Aries 2.1
and is quite fond of it.

@paul172 told me it made a significant improvement on his G2. My current stock G2 with BAV power cord is head and shoulder above every high end streamer I’ve tried, I can’t imagine how much improvement I could squeeze out of the already superb unit. If it brings the quality closer to something like GRIMM MU1, I will be all over it. I think the price is closer to $650 if I remember correctly.

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599 Euros plus DHL shipping

I have the Aries G2. The difference between the G2 and G2.1 is the chassis. The G2.1 adds a copper faraday cage the components, power supply the inside parts are identical. So yes the power supply for the 2.1 could benefit from the Hoerwege.

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I have an Auralic Aries G1. I changed out the power supply board with the Hoer-Wege shortly after I got it. It made a very worthwhile improvement in sound quality. Interestingly, when I ordered, they were out of the board they make specifically for the G1, so they substituted one they make for the G2 (same price then). It fit perfectly and provided the same results. I did the upgrade myself with no trouble.

Agree a worthwhile improvement. I installed one in one of my G1’s on Tuesday and it took 45 minutes. IF you follow the instructions step by step and take your time it is a do it yourself swap. No need to pay anyone to do it for you.