Hoer-Wege power supply for Auralic Aries G2.1?

Does this power supply upgrade make a worthwhile improvement? I may add this upgrade one day

I believe it does, yes

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I will upgrade the power supply when convenient. I think the power supply is $500US or so and I will need to find someone to install it. My 3 year warranty has expired this month so it’s about the funds and finding a technician to install it.

You might want to message @paul172. I believe this is the power supply mod he has on his Aries 2.1
and is quite fond of it.

@paul172 told me it made a significant improvement on his G2. My current stock G2 with BAV power cord is head and shoulder above every high end streamer I’ve tried, I can’t imagine how much improvement I could squeeze out of the already superb unit. If it brings the quality closer to something like GRIMM MU1, I will be all over it. I think the price is closer to $650 if I remember correctly.

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599 Euros plus DHL shipping

I have the Aries G2. The difference between the G2 and G2.1 is the chassis. The G2.1 adds a copper faraday cage the components, power supply the inside parts are identical. So yes the power supply for the 2.1 could benefit from the Hoerwege.

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I have an Auralic Aries G1. I changed out the power supply board with the Hoer-Wege shortly after I got it. It made a very worthwhile improvement in sound quality. Interestingly, when I ordered, they were out of the board they make specifically for the G1, so they substituted one they make for the G2 (same price then). It fit perfectly and provided the same results. I did the upgrade myself with no trouble.

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Agree a worthwhile improvement. I installed one in one of my G1’s on Tuesday and it took 45 minutes. IF you follow the instructions step by step and take your time it is a do it yourself swap. No need to pay anyone to do it for you.

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I ordered mine last week and am waiting to try this out. I added 3M AB7050HF to the two USB chips. Another audible improvement. So many rabbit holes in this hobby. :slight_smile:

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Hello; I just received my Hoer-wege power supply and plan on installing it today on an Aries G2. The question I have is regarding the two small “insulators” that are included . Do they in fact go under the mounting holes of the two transitors and chassis, or between the mounting screw head and the top of the transistor? It is hard to determine from the instructions/pictures. I do not want to flub this up. Thanks in advance for your help.

I put them under the board but if you’re unsure then e-mail Stephan he should get back to you pretty quickly.

Thank you for your reply. Stephan did get back to me, which clarified my question. I would also like to give a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to Stephan and his outstanding Customer Service!!! My first power supply was destroyed in the shipping box. I immediately notified Stephan with pictures and within 24hrs. He dispatched another power supply. This time in Bomb Proof packaging! Stephan sets the Customer Service Bar extremely HIGH! And, so does his products.



Just took the delivery of Hoer-Wege PS Upgrade Kit. Took about 45 minutes for installation, although I could’ve done it in about 15 minutes. Even without burn-in, I am just smitten by the degree of improvement I am hearing. I have another reference input using Roon Core via matrix to I2S so that I can compare the degree of improvement. It’s really a night and day, not subtle at all. The most notable improvement is the soundstage and instrumental separation. And piano sounds so real and sweet. It has really taken the edge off of the HF, and the bass also has much more texture and separation. The difference between stock and the Roon Core-Matrix-I2S was subtle enough to that I had to listen critically to appreciate my G2. The Hoer-wege is really at another level. This was bigger jump than all of power upgrade (P12, Puritan, Power cords upgrade combined). For now, this will quench my curiosity towards Grimm MU1.

Thanks to @paul172 for steering me towards this upgrade. I am pretty skeptical when it comes to this sort of improvement, but, hoer-wege is worth every penny if you own Auralic.


It’s all about the power! With everything in this hobby! Great power supplies usually equal great results at least in my experience!

I’m glad you are enjoying the mod!

It will get better with time!


Verendus, are you saying the P12 in your system did not have much of an impact? Did you already have dedicated lines in your place?

No, not at all. P12 made a pretty discernible difference in sound. There is no way for me to measure or quantify the level of improvement in any meaningful comparison, but when I upgraded my power equipment, it was a pretty big improvement overall. I am not sure if it’s because I was already skeptical about Hoer-wege as I already thought I had arrived at the limit of my equipment’s capability, but, my ears were more shocked than when I brought in P12. BTW, since then, I had moved to Puritan PSM156 which I prefer over P12 now. I am letting the PSU burn in for a few days, but, even as is at the moment, I am really satisfied with what I am hearing. I am just wondering what will be the upper limit to my current system (where new component/upgrade) will no longer make any worthwhile improvement.

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So Puritan PSM156 replaces P12 and the Hoer-Wege PSU?

The Hoer-Wege PSU replaces the stock Auralic internal power supply. The Puritan replaced the P12.