Auralic Aries G2.1 Upgrade Over Bridge

At the risk of a wild over-generalization, I’ve found that routers from the phone / cable companies are not very good. I’d look into getting a new one. Get one from a retailer with an easy return policy so that you can return / exchange it if you find it doesn’t make a difference. I’ve gone the mesh router route and about a month ago switched to the Orbi AX6000. It’s pricey, but it’s been the best router that I’ve ever had. Coverage and speed is great and I haven’t had to reboot it once. I highly recommend it.

This will do the trick. Increasing the speed does nothing to improve the coverage issue.

Agree, although I went google mesh route

I purchased a fancy modem from Amazon but just lifting my current modem off the floor and up on the computer printer table makes an improvement. If the new modem doesn’t resolve the issue I will get those router extensions. I wonder if I should keep my expensive Ethernet cables or return them to the Cable Company who are willing to give me a full refund. They are good sounding but wireless is nicer.

Just lifting the modem up off the floor does the trick but the new modem ($40) has shipped. I don’t know if I should keep the Ethernet for emergencies backup or if I should just return them?

I used an Aries unit wirelessly for at least 3 years. It was about 6 inches from the receiving unit. I never had a single issue and excellent sound quality. Both manufacturers (Auralic and Devialet) recommended wireless as the best option as long as the units were close enough and the environment was not problematic. Most are OK, unless you live in a power station turbine hall.

The problems with wireless occur when used between modem and streamer, and wireless repeaters lose about half the signal strength.

Having been doing ethernet based music for 11 years, I now have a direct fibre optic link from modem to music server, no switches or routers on the signal path, and the data link from server to streamer is ethernet CAT6a.

Another key to wireless ethernet is to avoid mixing data traffic. This is the whole basis of how Sonos works and really set the standard. Several companies take the same approach with their own wireless protocol, Devialet has one called Air that allows you to send wirelessly at 24/192 from an OSX device (I don’t know about Windows) with faultless transmission.

I have a Bluesound Powernode 2i and that sounds better wireless than ethernet wired from a switch.

So in my experience, and as recommended to me, wireless done properly can be optimal, and it has been my preferred route with two Auralic devices (Aries and Aries Mini).

Well I’ve committed myself to wireless and with Wireworld Platinum 8 XLR and for $3725 to put in my pocket why not. Wireless sounds better and with just raising my modem off the floor I am getting good results.I also ordered a new modem just in case. I find the streamer has no problem but the app is a little sluggish…Pehaps the new modem will fix the app.

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I just removed my bridge ii card for the first time and it’s surprising the improvement in sound.

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I noticed that there was much less noise in the sound when I removed the Bridge II. I noticed that my PWT had a better sound.

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I’ve received my new modem from Amazon but my old modem is now working perfectly now that I lifted it up off the floor and on the printer table. I’ve saved a pile of money and it sounds better!

I’m suddenly getting 24 bit MQA! I was not getting that for around 120 hours play but after the system froze and I reset it I’m getting MQA and it does sound better than I was getting before. Very exciting.

I’ve installed a dedicated router and success! I don’t know if it’s my imagination but it sounds better?

Same here. That was due to an update to the Auralic Lightning LDS app to correct a Tidal login issue. This issue is discussed at length on the Auralic forum.

Amazing, isn’t it? I remember well my reaction when I removed the Bridge II from my [former] DS DAC. Now you can sell your Bridge II if you want.

How do you like the vega2 compared to the DSD?