Auralic vs. Aurender vs. Innuos vs. others

I think the comparison can easily be complicated beyond the possible 6 to 12 models you could compare. First, some streamers perform well in some systems and not so great in others. The person who loves one would not know if it performed well in another system, or even with the change of just one component. Cables make a huge difference, there is a topic, Matrix X-SPDF 2, that has over 2,800 entries and I estimate 20 to 30% deal with cable impact on performance.

You must test the equipment in your system to know for certain. Asking for opinions can help you get started, but real tests are the best avenue for you. Try those with free return trail periods (including cables). The best route, especially if you go through 4 to 6 before making a decision which works for you.

Enjoy your journey, good listening,


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Around $3K.

True, my question is a general question as there hasn’t been much comparison reviews. So, in general want to know what network streamers people have picked, and why?

For me, my budget is $3K max but curious to know if some picked a more expensive equipment for any particular reason.

In your price range, but not on your list is the W4S MS1. You can get it with different internal drives and a drive for ripping cd’s. I’m running it with the HC Linear Power supply into DSD sr via I2s and couldn’t be happier. I have not compared it to the others, but its another option.

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Innuos owners, have you tried using yours with other Sonos equipment? How does it work? Does is just recognize it as another room that you can send audio to? Like does it work just like another Sonos Connect?

I may be selling one soon. I need to get another server though first.

After reading this thread and watching a few reviews linked previously in the thread I am going to pull the trigger on an Auralic Aries G1. I have been driving the system with a macbook pro but I am so lazy I don’t want to get up to change the stream or pick something from the drive. And it appears there will be a significant SQ upgrade. The ability to use my iPad to control it and it’s WiFi connectivity are the things that got me. Doesn’t look like there are any used or discounted so $2699 seems to be where it’ll end up. I’ll call a couple places (If any are open) to see if any negotiation can be done because I am essentially a cheapskate.


Try calling Walter at Underwood.

Why not Innuos?

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WiFi is a big thing and I don’t need the internal memory as much. Those trade offs made the Auralic what I need. Both are great and the price is the same so that didn’t figure into the calculus for me

I know an Underwood Hifi in Lahaina on Maui, is that the one you’re talking about? Seems the shipping would be a pain. Disregard, I see they ship out of Tennessee.

They no longer carry Auralic.

Walter no longer reps Auralic. he told me himself.

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Too bad as he gave me a great deal on mine.

OK, makes sense. Auralic definitely has done more work on WiFi than others. I also don’t really the CD ripping feature and music server as much, if Innuos made a streamer only product it would be a HUGE win, specialty with Sonos support, imagine Zen mk3 features without CD/storage with Zen mini price.

… Which could be why Walter no longer represents Auralic. (Auralic appears to enforce manufacturer-imposed minimum advertised pricing as well as minimum resale prices, also known as resale price maintenance.)

Mine was the demo unit used for three days at Axpona and then re-boxed which resolves that issue as it was “used.” He was having a problem getting stock from them in a timely fashion before that similar to the issues that dealers were having with Innuos. Hard to sell product you can’t deliver.

I did not mean to suggest that Auralic cut off Walter and that it did so specifically because of the deal he gave you, but rather that Auralic would, I believe, cut off dealers who do not adhere to its Minimum Advertised Pricing and resale price maintenance rules.

Walter offers great deals, but great deals can sometimes get dealers in trouble with manufacturers. Indeed, Walter’s frequent sale emails usually contain the following admonition:

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 5.08.02 PM

Indeed, some dealers will “rat out” other dealers who are not playing by the manufacturer’s rules. I recall a few years ago an Ayre dealer offered me what I thought was a decent but not great deal on a new QX-5 Twenty DAC. Later, I spoke with a second Ayre dealer and asked if he could beat the first dealer’s price (without identifying the first dealer). Well, the second Ayre dealer contacted Ayre, and then he called me back and offered me a 5% better deal than the first Ayre dealer on the condition that I identify the first Ayre dealer. It seemed apparent to me that Ayre had approved the second dealer’s discount so that it could ‘catch’ the first dealer. Long story short, I did not buy the Ayre DAC and I did not rat out the first Ayre dealer.


Check out this video for a suggestion on a high quality digital front end. I followed these recommendations and am getting the best digital sound I’ve ever experienced.

Based on what I’ve heard from attending multiple AXPONA’s and dealer showrooms, I think this configuration sounds as good if not better than what I’ve heard from dCS and a considerably lower price point. And before I upgraded my DAC I used a Directstream DAC with excellent results.

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That video suggests to go for : Mola Mola dac,Auralic Aries streamer, Roon Nucleus with Hdplex lps and Kubala Sosna Realization cables throughout. No mention of Uptone EtherRegen or Matrix x spdif2 etc…but sure,why not. Many ways to get nice sound.
@davidny did you go for exactly the suggested setup and how did you feel like that Mola Mola compared vs dsd dac ?