Autotune finally put to rest?

I found this article on Autotune this morning and thought some might be interested -


I tried to watch the recent movie “the greatest showman” and aside from it being a horrible film (directed by a tv commercial guy) the terrible soundtrack’s auto tune vocals literally felt like it was raping my ears!

Sorry Pitchfork, I don’t see autotune as “the most important pop innovation of the last 20 years…”. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s brought zero value to the pop music scene. However, for guys and gals who can’t sing on their own, it made them singers. An exception to this is T-Pain. He always uses autotune and I wrote him off as a talentless singer until I heard his NPR Tiny Desk Concert. He’s an amazing singer who in no way needs autotune.

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Autotune is an effect, like vocal doubling, a fuzz box/pedal for electric guitar, bass guitar and drum dynamic compression, etc. All of which are standard effects in rock and other pop music. Autotune has had a huge impact on contemporary pop.

Whether one likes it is a different matter. I do not care for 1980’s synthesizer work, especially the ubiquitous brass stabs of the period, but it is a characteristic of 1980’s pop music. Autotune is the same now.