My Axpona No Show P12 purchase has arrived!

Despite all the economic interruptions brought about by covid,
Our PS Audio team again pulls it off.!!!

My new P12 arrived this morning and with just 1.5 hours run time
has told my P5 step aside sonny let me show you how it’s done!!!

Thinking that P5 to P12 was more of a sidewise move was very incorrect.
Actually the P12 brought about such immediate improvements in SQ I felt
my whole system had gone through a significant upgrade all the way around!

The improvement over my P5 with P5 running Synergistic’s Quantum Blue fuse,
and P12 still on stock fuse…is a major overall improvement.

It will be amazing to hear what will happen when I install either my HIFI Tuning
Supreme or Quantum Blue in the P12…as the fuses brought my system up to a whole new level of themselves…Prior to P12

So for now that’s about all …will post more as time goes on.

Paul and team your engineering research has paid off!!! In a very wonderful way!!!

Thank you PS Audio team

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Oops forgot to say thank you for adding an auto tune function
for thd control.

In the past couple of years it seems thd on power line has gone from 2.5 to 3
then 4.5% thd …So trying to keep ahead of this is so simplified with the auto tune

More updates will be coming

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A quick reminder that SR fuses are directional.

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You are so right about that…and of course it takes time to get a feel
for how they sound initially and flip em around to compare…so it is a process.

Thanks for the heads up!

What is auto tune?

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The P12 has a feature called Auto Tune will calibtate the phase setting for the input power to P12 and has to do with the phase tuning of the point of cross over of the ac
sine wave as it crosses the 0 point adjusting the phase setting can help lower thd in the outgoing power

Read all about here from P12 manual

MW Strength
Phase Tuning
Auto Tune
Pressing the Setup button on the Home screen brings you to the Setup screen:
Here you can globally adjust the output voltage for the P12. Bear in mind that the P12 will output the
same voltage from all zones. They are not individually adjustable.
Variable MultiWave Strength adjustment is available here. This feature can be enabled by pressing the
MultiWave button on the Home screen. Variable MultiWave empowers users to vary the strength of the
MultiWave output according to the needs of the equipment and the resulting performance benefits. To
toggle this feature on and off simply press the Waveform Button in the Main screen.

Phase tuning is the next adjustment. Increasing or decreasing this will move the point at which the P12

detects the incoming waveform as the wave crosses the 0 voltage point. In places where the AC power is

especially poor making small adjustments to this setting can potentially lower the THD
output. The best
recommendation would be to keep this at zero unless you are seeing THD output higher than 1-2%.

Pressing the ‘auto-tune’ button will calibrate the phase setting to the optimum setting for your input power. This only needs to be performed whenever the unit is moved to a new area to maintain optimal
The Mode setting gives you the choice of High Regulation or Low Distortion. High Regulation is the default mode and ensures that the P12 will output the voltage very precisely at the expense of potentially higher Distortion (THD). Low Distortion mode ensures that the P12 will output the lowest possible distortion at the expense of more fluctuations in the output voltage. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

While I understand phase tuning it is best to read about it in the manual.
I tried to copy paste the topic but wound rather messing up the presentation

Thanks I will read the manual again

Sorry if I made loom clear as mud …my bad

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P5 does not have the auto tune feature as far as I know…I’ve been looking the P5
manual but doesn’t seem to be a function available on P5

After a few more hours on my P12…seeing how the P12 was responding
went ahead a installed the SR Quantum Blue fuse…another performance

This morning I decided to throttle up my sound levels playing Telarc’s release
remake of Sound Of Music…

Had my American Recorders sound level meter on the ready…

Here we go:

Opening sound of field finches about 33-34db on opening of music theme Sound of Music then increasing to 55-60 db.

Throughout the recording vocal strong transients into the 81-82 db level

The church bell peal about 70 db then the Cofitemini sung by abby nuns
into the low 80s then the mighty pipe organ hits at 98-99 db…
and wouldn’t you know my sound level meter decides to time out…
but not before registering the 98 db level and that was not the loudest moment,
pipe organ gets louder perhaps 99-100db…but I won’t know as I don’t want
to exasperate my neighbors.

My eyes were pegged to P12 watt meter and db meter as well and at the loudest transient only about 375 to 400 watts max drawn by my entire system.

Pipe organ is rather lengthy not brief duration.
At no time did my system sound choked or dynamics reduced far from it.
Rather seemed to be beg me louder louder play me louder…my ears said
'nough of that.

I have my Oppo 205, either my Wyred4sound STP Se Stage 2 or Emotiva XSP1 Gen2
plus My Parasound A21 driving my Focal Aria 948s.

P12 more than able to handle the load

Paul said not need to use the auto tune unless after regeneration you still see high THD. He’s right I tried it on mine and it selected 3 most of the time and the sound became overly warm.

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As always ymmv for now, mine is sounding great no need to change for now.

Are you using sine or multiwave on your regenerator…my system can have fuller
or thicker sound if using mulitwave…I much prefer sinewave…though occasionaly
use mw for the fun of it…but revert back to sine quickly