based on a posting last year somewhere on this forum, I became curious about Legacy Audio speakers. I contacted the company and, while one move followed the other, I decided to come to Axpona this year and meet the people from Legacy. Unfortunately our friends from PSA decided not to come to the show (hope this was not related to my decisionembarassed).

I´d like to take the opportunity to meet the friends of our nice little forum if they´re going to Axpona. For me it´s quite a long trip and I positively won´t do it on a yearly basis. To be honest, this is only my second visit of the US; and the first one is a generation ago. Yes, at that time I didn´t even think about having children; this time my 20y old son will accompany me.

So if anybody is interested to meet in Chicago, send me an PN or post it here. I´ll stay at the Westin o´Hare from 23rd ´til 26th; than we´re going to NYC for another four days, before we go back to Germany.

If you can´t make it for Axpona, maybe we can meet three weeks later at the famous High End in Munich!? I´ll be there (by train…30_gif)


If I can talk my wife into going to Chicago for the weekend I might go. I’ll let you know.


Welcome to Chicago, hope you enjoy your weekend in our city. Afraid I can’t attend this year but did go last year and wound up buying a pair of Legacy Whispers. Heard them Friday and went back Saturday with my wife for some further listening. After the demo from Bill Dudleston my wife turned to me and said “you’re buying these, aren’t you?”. Who am I to say no to my lovely bride? laugh


Be sure to say “Hi” to Troy, Andres and Galen in the Hanson AV area.