AXPONA postponed

Just got the email. Postponed to August 7-9.

Good idea/good move. A lot of exhibitors (and not just those outside the US) look at the large expense of regular shows as a necessary evil. Sure, they’re fun and exciting, but they are also a Chunk 'o Change to put on.

Looks like Axpona is being postponed until August 7-9…hopefully PSA will be able to attend then!

We plan to. Looks like people will have to come here if they want an early look (listen) at the new speakers. For all that were going to AXPONA in April, change your flights to Denver and come see us. It’s prettier here in Boulder anyway.


Yes, but Schaumburg is not to far from downtown Chicago and I love both Schaumburg and Chicago.

@Brodric too I bet, the Schaumburg shopping mall houses a huge Cheese Cake Factory. Close by is a nice Unos Deep Pan Pizza place.
Although Unos down town Chicago is the real experience.
An IKEA along the free way to pick up a listening chair. What else do you need?

Boulder is a different experience, nature, wide open fields, mountains and thin air (Denver is one of the cities that is built on a high altitude).

I‘d sign for the RMAF and a detour to PS Audio through the Rockies. Attend a Rock concert in the Red Rock theatre. Not a chance of a boring minute.

Thought I’d cheer the subject up, getting around is a nice thing, a postponed Axpona much better than a cancelled Axpona.

Thumbs up guys, lets not get a depression over this Corona virus. Who ever though of that name? So many nice memories about Corona, the yellow liquid stuff I mean.


Aaaaargh! I just got the e-mail too. I was SPECIFICALLY looking to hear the new speakers before making a purchase here in the next couple months. Not sure I am gonna wait till August. It’s gonna be a struggle.

Like James said fligh to Denver, close to Boulder instead to Chicago O’Hare (close to Schaumburg). PS Audio will have a better room to listen there anyway, if I remember the feedback from Axpona last year.

Yeah, I live 90 min from Schaumburg, so it was going to be an easy situation.

I do intend to visit PS Audio this summer, as I end up doing cross country road trips (out to visit family on the west coast), and have yet to hit Boulder. (I always end up shooting thru Denver in a hurry).

Nice road trip. Long too, I guess.

Thanks for the update!!! :slight_smile:

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Postponed but not cancelled. Living in Chicago I can head to Schaumburg pretty much any time. I’ll just have a wait a bit longer with anticipation this year. :slight_smile:

And august is WAY better in Chicago.

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And, I booked AXPONA late which is not a problem except that the host hotel was sold out! It is SO much better to stay at the same hotel the event is hosted. Oh well, I was willing to endure…

But… then it was postponed. I immediately booked my room at the host hotel for the new dates and all is good!

If anyone is considering the August date, book now!!!

Fixed my Airfare. Just gotta change Hotels. Seats out of PHX that weekend are almost gone. So, is Chicago hot and humid just like Pittsburgh, Toronto, my Hometown of Hamilton, Ontario in the summer being that it’s at the bottom of Lake Michigan ?

I was looking forward to April because of the Weather.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Then you need money ready … I’ll include my P10

If Renaissance Hotel is full, Hilton Garden Inn in Schaumburg is my favorite Hotel. Breakfast is better than Hampton Inn, which comes second.
It’s a couple of blocks away. Other side of interstate, sideways of Woodfield Mall where you probably will find your spouse. If it wouldn’t be hot and humid you could walk, like after dinner, lots of restaurants on your way, for the exercise. Not sure it’s fun in August though. :cold_sweat:

However meeting fellow audiophiles becomes a Challenge if you are not staying in the event hotel.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. :wink:

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Yes you are right it would be a bad thing. One of the most fun parts of going to such events would be seeing you forum members in real.

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I stayed at the Hilton Garden the first year. I agree it’s a great location for the breakfast and the nearby conveniences, but that walk over the highway in the April wind was no fun at all! :cold_face: Maybe in August it will be better. I’ve since been staying at the Wyndham, which is a short walk from the Renaissance. Many of the exhibitors stay there. It’s less than half the cost of the Renaissance and very convenient. That extra money goes to buying music and other bits I may find at the show. :grin:

Good info Rudolph, thanks! I’ve never been to AXPONA before so definitely looking forward.

Being at the host hotel is just so much more convenient, especially with being able to runto the room to drop stuff off from time to time. Amazing how much stuff you can collect that ends up weighing down by the end of the day.

Room secured at the Renaissance. Now, jut need my flight.