I seem to recall Paul mentioning that PS Audio will not be showing at AXPONA this year, however, I just got an e-mail from Absolute Sound that there will be a “TAS Legends of High End Audio” panel discussion on electronics. The panel discussion coincides with a book signing of the new TAS book “Illustrated History of High End Audio - Volume II Electronics”. And who is included in this book and will be on the panel, why Paul McGowan of course! I plan on attending and look forward to this discussion, and maybe even meeting Paul … Finally!

It is true I will be on the panel though still not attending the show. Unfortunately I just didn’t have the time. I am flying in around 2PM and doing the panel, then flying out another hour later. Though I do hope to meet you!

Yikes! That doesn’t sound like fun.

It’s a lot of travel - but no big deal. Fun to drop in and see everyone for a few hours. I have a great book I am in the middle of reading and flying gets me time to read.