AXPONA speaker demo tracks

I had a request for a couple of guys to post some of the demo track we were using at the show. Often times, we use track from the PS Audio playlist on qobuz but here are a few of the additional tracks we used this year.

Please feel free to post pieces form other rooms that you thought were interesting.

Angel Eyes - Markusphilippe

Driftin - Andy McKee and Lee Ritenour

Oh Mary - Francine Thirteen

Killer (acoustic) - Seal

Carrickfergus - Voces8

Capecod Chips - Hiromi

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8 - Hiromi

Drum stop, No Good - Scott Henderson. Victor Wooten

Got to Keep Moving - Hans Theessink, Terry Evans

Layla - Marcin

Besame Mucho - Marcon Wyrostek

Little Blue - Jacob Collier

Ratchets - Hedegard

Make Us Stronger - GhostRider / Vini Vici

Too long - Tennyson


Thanks Chris!
Hopefully you had a good show. I know how much work it is. :grin:

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It’s a lot of work just attending a show 3 days in a row, and took me only 15 minutes to get there.
To have to present, discuss, answer questions, be happy all the time, travel, plus setting everything up and then taking everything down, all while being away from home.
Only 2 comments, and we’re already off topic, LOL.


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Fantastic Chris!! I’m always looking for new tracks. Nice interview with Jay. If you watched his videos of the fr30 what was that track with the nice piano you had on while he was recording?

Great meeting you at the show @Chris_Brunhaver


I think that one is “Seeker” by Hiromi.

A lot of her recordnings are great. Our own Gus Skinas did the recording/editing in DSD on the Sonomo for recording her latest album SonicWonder/Sonic Wonderland at Skywalker Sound.


It was great to meet you and all the forum members that attended!

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Chris, is this the Unplugged version?

Thanks Chris! I only heard of few of those but I will seek the others out.

Just out of curiosity, what does Paul think of this? I know he is pretty open, but my impression is he might not go this far … Personally, I love this, I heard it last year and listened to it in my truck on the way home, sounded shockingly good for a stock vehicle system.

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Well, we only played this one a couple of times at the end of the day. I think that playing a loud EDM track can be a great way to show off the top of the dynamic range of a hifi system but it can also drive people out of the room pretty quickly. It’s certainly a balancing act. A think a lot of audiophiles that are of a certain age have Hyperacusis and listen at rather low levels because of it.

The tough thing about a show in a room like ours (where you’re in a ballroom their might be 15-20 people present and some talking) is that a lot of detail and nuance is lost because the noise floor of the show is rather high, so louder and more dynamic tracks can shine. Also, a lot of the reason that someone might consider larger speakers with higher dynamic ranges is occasionally to play thing louder and it’s a good way to show the difference between the dynamic range of different systems.


It’s this version:


Thanks again Chris! It was near the end of the day I heard it, but I was outside the door talking to Tony and didn’t want to interrupt the conversation for a little selfish enjoyment.

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I technically heard this at Axpona, as I brought this “DSD256 album” on a usb flash drive and was able to play this in the Bob Carver room. Absolutely beautiful music.

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That’s awesome. I can imagine this on the LRS+ and his tube amps sounding pretty special. Did they have a sub in that room?

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No subs.
Some music that they chose was not that great, other music sounded just ok.
The right material for those speakers sounded great.