AXPONA Speakers Overview - Pls add inout

I am a friend of Mads (CEO) from Buchardt and help with fairs etc.
I’ve written a lot about the speakers here. We have a very high quality control. Mads is building a new loudspeaker factory in Danmark near Herning.

I test a lot at home and I do so on my PS audio equipment

Curious if anyone has heard a wireless stream over Dynaudio’s Focus 20 xd or 60 xd’s ??

No, but I heard the standard Dynaudio and it sounded great. The wireless I really liked was the Elac, not only it was wireless and sounded great, I loved the implementation of the speakers. It has Class A/B for twitter and midrange and bash amp for bass to have the best amp type for speaker, it does NOT have DSP for cross over and has regular cross-overs, the wireless part can be turned off easily, AND you can use your own streamer, DAC, etc… if you rather upgrade in the future. Other wireless speakers like Kef, could never sound any better, as everything else is fed through digital.