Ayre K-1xe on a Stellar Power Plant 3?

Just upgraded my old Ayre K-1x to their latest version. I recently got a Stellar Power Plant 3 for my Ayre CD player and Headroom headphone amp. I was hoping to put the Ayre pre-amp on the Power Plant as well. Asked Ayre about it and here is their response:
“Only to use at your own risk…we’ve never been fans of the “active” power regenerator-type power supplies, and much prefer what passive AC filters like the Ayre L-5 does. At best, we haven’t really seen much benefit to them, and at worst, we’ve had a few damage equipment in the past. The filters, as opposed to the power plants, do not take such an aggressive approach to messing with the incoming AC, so have never affected a piece of equipment negatively that we’ve seen.”

Anyone want to chime in? Opinions, thoughts? I certainly don’t want to risk any damage. FYI, this Ayre pre-amp uses an external power supply connected by an umbilical cable, so it would be the power supply going to the Stellar.

I do have an old PS Audio UPC 200 Power center. Any point in using that instead, or simply plug the Ayre into the wall?


Welcome, frym!

A Power Plant will not damage your Ayre. As you have options, I suggest trying both the UPC 200 and Power Plant. It may be the Ayre, for whatever reason, prefers the UPC 200 which is a passive device.