Ayre V-5xe amp and PS Audio UPC 200 Power center

Any comments/issues on using an old UPC 200 Power Center (set to high current) on an Ayre V-5xe amp (150 wpc into 8 ohms)?


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Welcome, frym! Another Ayre V-5xe owner here - a terrific amp, IMO. Would be interested to hear if you find a difference/improvement in AC conditioning. Mine is just plugged into the wall. Have you thought about sending it back to Ayre for the MP upgrade?

Sounds great via the Power Plant. Have not tried it from the wall yet. I just got the V-5x back from Ayre, they upgraded it to the “e” (evolution) version. I don’t think there is an MP upgrade for it??? Same for my K-1 pre-amp. I know their earlier CD player has an MP upgrade which I have.

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Ah, you could be right - not sure what all the various levels are with Ayre. I know the matching K5-xe had an MP version. Mine says evolution on the front of the amp, so maybe I have the last incarnation. It sounds really good being run balanced from the Stellar GCD, but there’s that thought about just how much it could benefit from the BHK preamp. Considering the size of the capacitors in this amp, I do wonder if it would benefit as much as say the front end from a power plant (in my system they are 20 feet apart so I think I am better off improving what feeds the front end).

Did some Internet sleuthing and there are no MP versions of the V-5xe and K-1xe. They stop at “e.” My Ayre C-5xe universal player does have the evolution and MP upgrades.

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