Conditioner, Regenerator or Shampoo?

What is a good, medium priced power plant re-generator, …not just a conditioner?
My system records only speech, one track at a time in my DAW…nothing complicated. But I do want to give my Antelope preamp the best food.

A used P5 would probably do the job nicely. I presume the Antelope requires few watts?

+1 On the P5. It doesn’t break a sweat with my M700s and all sources.

Sure wish we could get an update on the Stellar PP300. Was supposed to out in late 2018.

We’re launching about 10 of the Stellar Power Plant 3s this month to put them through the paces. Given that they perform as expected I would imagine we could be in limited production as early as next month and as late as March.


Thank you Paul.

I currently have the DSD, DMP, and BHK 250. I’d love to own a P15, so I’d be able to plug the BHK 250 into it, but not ready to spring for one just yet, so thinking of going with a Stellar Power Plant for the DSD and DMP. So I’m wondering how important is it, in terms of SQ, to have an amplifier plugged into a regenerator? Is it as or less important than other components?

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Well now I know what I’m saving my pennies for.

Hey Paul, if you need a beta tester for the Stellar Power Plant 3, I’d be happy to do it. I have a multiple component rig in my office for my tube preamp/headphone amp which would be a good fit for that size regenerator. Use P5 and P12 in my main system.

Paul, if you had to put a number on it how would you rate the performance of this new regenerator compared to the previous gen models, specifixally the P3 and P5? Also what is the price point for this new model aimed to be at? I’m trying to figure out if a gently used P5 or this product should be the model for my system in the future.