Power plant P12 High Current Output

Hi all,

I am currently using PowerPlant P12. There is a High Current Output, however the manual or spec didn’t provide any details. Do anyone know how it compare to other outlet in term of SQ and technical aspect? Will it have less distortion correction to make it has a more instant/fast current change, etc. I read the Stellar PP has a filter option on the HC outlet which is not available for P12.

I try to use it on a DAC/PRE that I found the soundstage seems more open with the HC outlet. I am not sure is it just my psychological feeling. Or due to it is not a pure source that its pre-amp part needs some current demand


With the large power plants (12,15,20) all outlets are regenerated and the only difference with the HC outlets is that they’re soft start (which means that a connected device with high switch on current won’t causer the PP to trip). There should be no difference in SQ between outlets.

The Stellar P3 doesn’t have the capacity to support regenerated devices that need lots of power at any stage of their use hence the option to allow certain outlets to be filtered only rather than regenerated.


Thanks for your quick reply.

For some reason (and of course I couldn’t find where I remember reading it in the first place), I was under the impression that the HC outputs are only filtered, not regenerated. So I have kept my power-hungry amp plugged into the other zones.

I wish the product manual (Power Plant 12) was clearer in this regard, but thank you for clarifying - if all outputs are regenerated, I can move some things around.