Bad Native X digital lens?

I purchased an original (not upgraded) PS Audio Perfectwave DAC MKII used. The unit is probably about 1 1/2 years old. I’m having an issue with the Native X setting. After playing for about 5 to 10 minutes at the Native X setting, the sound stops for no apparent reason. The unit is still on and my amp and speakers are ok. At this point, when I cycle through the other settings (i.e. 44khz, 96khz, Native, etc), they all work and I have sound, but not the Native X.

When I turn the unit off, the back switch to off, wait 10 seconds and turn it back on, Native X works, but for another 5 minutes or so and again the same problem (i.e. no sound). I tried both USB and Coax inputs and same problem with Native X.

I installed a previous firmware version 2.4.5 and also reinstalled the current version 2.4.6 and in both versions, same problem. So I think the Native X digital lens may be bad. Music is just not the same without Native X.

I plan to contact service support on Monday, but wondering if anyone has any insight or can offer some suggestions to try, or perhaps had a similar issue and can chime in. I heard PS Audio has great customer service and is responsive, so I hope it will be fixed under warranty if indeed it has a bad digital lens.

Thanks, Lee

The NativeX feature uses the clock of the sourcing device as its reference. We assumed the AES/EBU standards for what to expect from the variation of input clocks. We have since found from experience that there is more variation out there than what the standard calls for.

Is it possible that you might have another music source to experiment with? It would be interesting to know if you have the same experience with another source. It would help to shed light on if there is trouble with your DAC, or if we are experiencing a compatibility issue.

Thanks Dave for your input. I tried both my CD player using coax input and my laptop using USB input, and in both cases, had same issue. I did get hold of tech support and they think it is a hardware issue, so will be sending the unit in.

Just got back my DAC MKII from PS Audio… very excited…all fixed up. So far, no more problems with Native X setting. Thank you PS Audio! You have one of the best customer service and warranty repair support in the industry. Thank you Alex and Cat!